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Census Advisory Committees (CAC)

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Census Scientific Advisory Committee

In 1994, the Secretary of Commerce established the Census Advisory Committee of Professional Associations (CACPA) as an advisory body to the Director of the Census Bureau. CACPA composed recommendations on major programs, such as the decennial census, the agriculture and economic censuses, current demographic and economic statistics programs, survey research, and marketing analysis.

Associations serving on CACPA included the American Economic Association, the American Marketing Association, the American Statistical Association, and the Population Association of America.

In April 2010, the Secretary of Commerce rechartered the committee under the name "Bureau of the Census Scientific Advisory Committeeā€¯ (CSAC). CSAC consists of up to 21 members appointed by the Director of the Census Bureau. CSAC addresses emerging census challenges including, adaptive design, cyber infrastructure, demographic, economic and statistical research and other technical priorities.

Next Meeting of CSAC

CSAC will meet on April 16-17, 2015.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Census Advisory Committee Office | Last Revised: October 09, 2014