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Note concerning Consumer Price Index (CPI-U-RS) values in the 1990 Demographic Profile, 
Tables DP-3, footnote 4, and in Table DP-4, footnote 6.

The CPI-U-RS values in these footnotes were the latest available when production started on these tables. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released revised CPI-U-RS values in April 2002: 187.0 for 1989, 196.3 for 1990, 242.7 for 1999, and 250.8 for 2000. Based on these revisions, the factor to adjust to 1999 constant dollars in Table DP-3 would be 242.7/187.0, or 1.297861 (rather than 1.304650), and the factor to adjust to 2000 constant dollars in Table DP-4 would be 250.8/196.3, or 1.277636 (rather than 1.283969).

In both cases, the revised factors are 0.5 percent lower than the factors shown in the footnotes in the tables. BLS plans to revise the CPI-U-RS time series annually. The next revision is planned for April 2003. As a result, the factors to adjust to 1999 constant dollars and to 2000 constant dollars will continue to change slightly over time.



Source: U.S. Census Bureau

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