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Summary Social, Economic and Housing Characteristics (PHC-2)

The PHC-2, "Summary Social, Economic, and Housing Characteristics," report series provides sample data on a wide range of characteristics. Population characteristics data include disability status; earnings in 1999; educational attainment; employment status; full-time, year-round workers in 1999; income in 1999; journey to work; language spoken at home and ability to speak English; nativity; place of birth; poverty status in 1999; residence in 1995; school enrollment and type of school; veteran status; and work status in 1999. Housing characteristics data include bedrooms; gross rent; house heating fuel; kitchen facilities; mortgage status; occupancy; owner costs; plumbing facilities; rental cost; rooms; telephone service available; tenure; units in structure; value of home; vehicles available; year moved into unit; and year structure built. In prior decennial census publications, the appendixes that explained these subjects, geographic terms and concepts, and other general product information were included in the volumes containing the statistical tables; for Census 2000, these appendixes are found in the PHC-2-A report, "Summary Social, Economic, and Housing Characteristics, Selected Appendixes."

The PHC-2 series is similar to the 1990 census CPH-5 series.

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Summary Social, Economic and Housing Characteristics (PHC-2)

States Now Available
United States
- Part 1 (PHC-2-1-pt1) [PDF 10M]
- Part 2 (PHC-2-1-pt2) [PDF 16M]
Selected Appendixes (PHC-2-A) [PDF 11M]

Alabama (PHC-2-2) [PDF 10M]
Alaska (PHC-2-3) [PDF 10M]
Arizona (PHC-2-4) [PDF 7M]
Arkansas (PHC-2-5) [PDF 10M]
California (PHC-2-6) [PDF 36M]
Colorado (PHC-2-7) [PDF 5M]
Connecticut (PHC-2-8) [PDF]
Delaware (PHC-2-9) [PDF 6M]
District of Columbia (PHC-2-10) [PDF 5M]
Florida (PHC-2-11) [PDF 13M]
Georgia (PHC-2-12) [PDF 13M]
Hawaii (PHC-2-13) [PDF 20M]
Idaho (PHC-2-14) [PDF 6M]
- Part 1 (PHC-2-15-pt1) [PDF 26M]
- Part 2 (PHC-2-15-pt2) [PDF 14M]
Indiana (PHC-2-16) [PDF 10M]
- Part 1 (PHC-2-17-pt1) [PDF 7M]
- Part 2 (PHC-2-17-pt2) [PDF 8M]
Kansas (PHC-2-18) [PDF 12M]
Kentucky (PHC-2-19) [PDF 13M]
Louisiana (PHC-2-20) [PDF 10M]
Maine (PHC-2-21) [PDF 18M]
Maryland (PHC-2-22) [PDF 8M]
Massachusetts (PHC-2-23) [PDF 7M]
- Part 1 (PHC-2-24-pt1) [PDF 10M]
- Part 2 (PHC-2-24-pt2) [PDF 9M]
- Part 1 (PHC-2-25-pt1) [PDF 8M]
- Part 2 (PHC-2-25-pt2) [PDF 11M]
Mississippi (PHC-2-26) [PDF 8M]
- Part 1 (PHC-2-27-pt1) [PDF 7M]
- Part 2 (PHC-2-27-pt2) [PDF 11M]
Montana (PHC-2-28) [PDF 8M]
Nebraska (PHC-2-29) [PDF 10M]
New Hampshire (PHC-2-31) [PDF 6M]
Nevada (PHC-2-30) [PDF 10M]
New Jersey (PHC-2-32) [PDF 8M]
New Mexico (PHC-2-33) [PDF 7M]
New York
- Part 1 (PHC-2-34-pt1) [PDF 29M]
- Part 2 (PHC-2-34-pt2) [PDF 33M]
North Carolina (PHC-2-35) [PDF 13M]
North Dakota (PHC-2-36) [PDF 9M]
- Part 1 (PHC-2-37-pt1) [PDF 7M]
- Part 2 (PHC-2-37-pt2) [PDF 10M]
Oklahoma (PHC-2-38) [PDF 12M]
Oregon (PHC-2-39) [PDF 8M]
- Part 1 (PHC-2-40-pt1)
- Part 2 (PHC-2-40-pt2)
Puerto Rico
- English Version (PHC-2-53) [PDF 10M]
- Spanish Version (PHC-2-53-sp) [PDF 15M]
Rhode Island (PHC-2-41) [PDF 5M]
South Carolina (PHC-2-42) [PDF 9M]
South Dakota (PHC-2-43) [PDF 9M]
Tennessee (PHC-2-44) {PDF 10M]
- Part 1 (PHC-2-45-pt1) [PDF 8M]
- Part 2 (PHC-2-45-pt2) [PDF 15M]
Utah (PHC-2-46) [PDF 7M]
Vermont (PHC-2-47) [PDF 19M]
Virginia (PHC-2-48) [PDF 9M]
Washington (PHC-2-49) [PDF 9M]
West Virginia (PHC-2-50) [PDF 7M]
- Part 1 (PHC-2-51-pt1) [PDF 7M]
- Part 2 (PHC-2-51-pt2) [PDF 9M]
Wyoming (PHC-2-52) [PDF 6M]

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