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Use the links below to view the form instructions used to collect data for each survey. All form instructions are in Adobe PDF file format.

Monthly Form Instructions

  • M311H: Animal and Vegetable Fats and Oils (Warehouse Stocks)  PDF [47kb]
  • M311J: Fats and Oils: Oilseed Crushings  PDF [54kb]
  • M311L: Fats and Oils (Renderers)   PDF [31kb]
  • M311M: Animal and Vegetable Fats and Oils (Consumption and Stocks)   PDF [47kb]
  • M311N: Animal and Vegetable Fats and Oils (Production, Consumption and Stocks)  PDF [56kb]
  • M313N: Cotton and Raw Linters in Public Storage   PDF [40kb]
  • M313P: Consumption on the Cotton System and Stocks  PDF [56kb]
  • M327G: Glass Containers   PDF [39kb]
  • M336G: Civil Aircraft and Aircraft Engines (Part A)  PDF [29kb]

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Quarterly Form Instructions

  • MQ311A: Flour Milling Products   PDF [31kb]
  • MQ313A: Textiles  PDF [73kb]
  • MQ315A: Apparel   PDF [46kb]
  • MQ315B: Socks Production  PDF [31kb]
  • MQ325A: Inorganic Chemicals  PDF [46kb]
  • MQ325B: Fertilizers and Related Chemicals   PDF [57kb]
  • MQ325F: Paint, Varnish, and Lacquer   PDF [36kb]
  • MQ327D: Clay Construction Products  PDF [32kb]
  • MQ333W: Metalworking Machinery   PDF [61kb]
  • MQ334P: Telecommunications  PDF [40kb]
  • MQ334R: Computers and Peripheral Equipment   PDF [47kb]

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Annual Form Instructions

  • MA311D: Confectionery   PDF [238kb]
  • MA314Q: Carpet and Rugs  PDF [37kb]
  • MA321T: Lumber Production and Mill Stocks  PDF [44kb]
  • MA325F: Paints and Allied Products   PDF [56kb]
  • MA325G: Pharmaceutical Preparations: Except Biologicals   PDF [65kb]
  • MA327C: Refractories  PDF [40kb]
  • MA327E: Consumer: Scientific: Technical: and Industrial Glassware  PDF [47kb]
  • MA331B: Steel Mill Products  PDF [51kb]
  • MA332Q: Antifriction Bearings  PDF [29kb]
  • MA333A: Farm Machinery and Lawn and Garden Equipment   PDF [80kb]
  • MA333D: Construction Machinery   PDF [58kb]
  • MA333F: Mining Machinery and Mineral Processing Equipment  PDF [24kb]
  • MA333M: Refrigeration: Air Conditioning: and Warm Air Heating Equipment   PDF [74kb]
  • MA333N: Fluid Power Products for Motion Control (Including Aerospace)  PDF [84kb]
  • MA333P: Pumps and Compressors   PDF [62kb]
  • MA334A: Electromedical Equipment and Analytical Instruments  PDF [50kb]
  • MA334C: Control Instruments  PDF [59kb]
  • MA334D: Defense, Navigational, and Aerospace Electronics  PDF [43kb]
  • MA334M: Consumer Electronics  PDF [39kb]
  • MA334Q: Semiconductors, Electronic Components, and Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment   PDF [90kb]
  • MA334T: Meters and Test Devices  PDF [44kb]
  • MA335E: Electric Housewares and Fans   PDF [41kb]
  • MA335F: Major Household Appliances   PDF [50kb]
  • MA335J: Insulated Wire and Cable  PDF [61kb]
  • MA335K: Wiring Devices and Supplies   PDF [50kb]
  • MA336G: Civil Aircraft and Aircraft Engines, and Aerospace Industry (Orders: Sales: and Backlog)   PDF [156kb]

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