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State and Metropolitan Area Data Book: 2006

State Data Tables

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Subject Categories

Cost of Living
Department of Defense

Family Income
Financial Activities
Gross State Product
Human Services

Justice System
Labor Force
Natural Resources
Personal Income
Retail Trade

Social Programs
Vital Statistics
Wholesale Trade

PDF for all state tables (3.99 MB)

Tables by Category

Back to topPopulation
A-1. Area and Population [
Excel, PDF]
A-2. Population by Residence [Excel, PDF]
A-3. Population Projections [Excel, PDF]
A-4. Population by Age Group and Sex [Excel, PDF]
A-5. Population by Race and Hispanic Origin [Excel, PDF]
A-6. Households [Excel, PDF]
A-7. Marital Status [Excel, PDF]
A-8. Residence One Year Ago, Immigrants, and Language Spoken at Home [Excel, PDF]
A-9. Place of Birth [Excel, PDF]

Back to topVital Statistics
A-10. Live Births and Birth Rates [
Excel, PDF]
A-11. Births and Birth Rates by Race and Hispanic Origin and Fertility Rate [Excel, PDF]
A-12. Deaths and Death Rates [Excel, PDF]
A-13. Death Rates by Cause [Excel, PDF]
A-14. Marriages and Divorces--Number and Rate [Excel, PDF]

Back to topHealth
A-15. Community Hospitals [
Excel, PDF]
A-16. Health Care Services, Physicians, and Nurses [Excel, PDF]
A-17. Persons With and Without Health Insurance Coverage [Excel, PDF]
A-18. Health Conditions and Chronic Disease-Related Characteristics and Diabetes [Excel, PDF]
A-19. State Public Health, Children Immunized, and STDs and AIDS [Excel, PDF]

Back to topEducation
A-20. Public School Fall Enrollment [
Excel, PDF]
A-21. Public Elementary and Secondary Schools--Finances and Teachers [Excel, PDF]
A-22. Public High School Graduates and Educational Attainment [Excel, PDF]
A-23. Institutions of Higher Education [Excel, PDF]
A-24. Degree-Granting Institutions and Educational Services [Excel, PDF]

Back to topCrime and Justice System
A-25. Crimes and Crime Rates [
Excel, PDF]
A-26. Juvenile Arrests, Child Abuse Cases, and Prisoners [Excel, PDF]
A-27. State and Local Justice System and State Prisons [Excel, PDF]

Back to topLabor Force and Employment and Pay
A-28. Civilian Labor Force and Employment [
Excel, PDF]
A-29. Civilian Labor Force and Unemployment [Excel, PDF]
A-30. Employed Civilians by Occupation [Excel, PDF]
A-31. Private Industry Employment and Pay [Excel, PDF]
A-32. Industry Employment and Pay [Excel, PDF]
A-33. Union Membership [Excel, PDF]

Back to topFamily Income and Poverty
A-34. Median Income of Households in Constant Dollars and Distribution by Income Level [
Excel, PDF]
A-35. Median Income of Families in Constant Dollars and Distribution by Income Level [Excel, PDF]
A-36. Poverty Status of Families and Individuals in the Past 12 Months [Excel, PDF]

Back to topHousing
A-37. Housing--Units and Characteristics [
Excel, PDF]
A-38. Specified Owner- and Renter-Occupied Units--Value and Gross Rent [Excel, PDF]
A-39. Housing Starts, Sales, Vacancy Rates, and Ownership [Excel, PDF]

Back to topCost of Living
A-40. Cost of Living Indicators--Housing, Hospital Stays, Public University, Utilities, Gasoline, and Tax Rates [
Excel, PDF]

Back to topGross State Product, Personal Income, and Earnings by Industry
A-41.Gross State Product in Current and Real Dollars and by Selected Large Industry [
Excel, PDF]
A-42. Personal Income [Excel, PDF]
A-43. Personal Income Per Capita [Excel, PDF]
A-44. Earnings by Industry [Excel, PDF]

Back to topScience
A-45. Science and Engineering Indicators [
Excel, PDF]

Back to topBusiness
A-46. Employer Firm Births and Terminations and Business Bankruptcies [
Excel, PDF]
A-47. Employer Firms and Nonemployer Establishments [Excel, PDF]
A-48. Private Nonfarm Establishments, Employment, and Payroll [Excel, PDF]
A-49. Foreign Direct Investment in the United States, and U.S. Exports [Excel, PDF]

Back to topAgriculture
A-50. Farms and Farm Earnings [
Excel, PDF]
A-51. Farm Finances and Income [Excel, PDF]
A-52. Farm Marketings and Principal Commodities [Excel, PDF]
A-53. Agricultural Census [Excel, PDF]

Back to topNatural Resources, Energy, and Utilities
A-54. Natural Resource Industries and Minerals [
Excel, PDF]
A-55. Utilities [Excel, PDF]
A-56. Energy Consumption [Excel, PDF]
A-57. Energy Expenditures [Excel, PDF]

Back to topConstruction
A-58. Construction [
Excel, PDF]

Back to topManufactures
A-59. Manufactures [
Excel, PDF]
A-60. Manufactures Summary and Export-Related Shipments and Employment [Excel, PDF]
A-61. Major Manufacturing Sectors [Excel, PDF]

Back to topWholesale and Retail Trade
A-62. Wholesale and Retail Trade and Shopping Centers [
Excel, PDF]
A-63. Retail Sales [Excel, PDF]

Back to topTransportation
A-64. Transportation and Warehousing [
Excel, PDF]
A-65. Trucks Registered and Commodity Transportation [Excel, PDF]
A-66. Motor Vehicle Registrations, Motorcycle Registrations, Highway Mileage, Bridges, and Driver's Licenses [Excel, PDF]
A-67. Traffic Fatalities and Shoulder Belt Use [Excel, PDF]

Back to topCommunications and Information
A-68. Communications [
Excel, PDF]
A-69. Information Industries and Newspapers [Excel, PDF]

Back to topFinancial Activities and Services
A-70. Financial Activities [
Excel, PDF]
A-71. Professional and Business Services and Education and Health Services [Excel, PDF]
A-72. Leisure and Hospitality Services [Excel, PDF]
A-73. Travel and Tourism Indicators [Excel, PDF]

Back to topGovernment
A-74. Government [
Excel, PDF]
A-75. State Government Employment and Finances [Excel, PDF]
A-76. State Resources, Expenditures, and Balances [Excel, PDF]
A-77. State Government Tax Collections and Federal Aid to State and Local Governments [Excel, PDF]
A-78. Federal Government [Excel, PDF]
A-79. Federal Individual Income Tax Returns [Excel, PDF]

Back to topSocial Programs and Human Services
A-80. Social Security, Food Stamps, and School Lunch Programs
Excel, PDF]
A-81. Social Welfare Programs and Workers' Compensation [Excel, PDF]
A-82. Government Transfer Payments to Individuals [Excel, PDF]
A-83. Medicare, Medicaid, and State Children's Health Insurance Program [Excel, PDF]

Back to topDepartment of Defense and Veterans
A-84. Department of Defense and Veterans [
Excel, PDF]

Back to topElections
A-85. Elections [
Excel, PDF]
A-86. Composition of Congress [Excel, PDF]
A-87. Composition of Governors and State Legislatures [Excel, PDF]

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Administrative and Customer Services Division,
Statistical Compendia Branch