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The 2006 Statistical Abstract

The National Data Book

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Domestic Trade

This section presents statistics relating to the distributive trades, specifically wholesale trade and retail trade. Data shown for the trades are classified by kind of business and cover sales, establishments, employees, payrolls, and other items.

Tables for Domestic Trade Section [PDF 1.3M]

Department Stores and Shopping Centers

1032 - General Merchandise Stores--Number and Sales by Product Lines: 2002 [Excel 19k]

1037 - Shopping Centers--Number, Gross Leasable Area, and Retail Sales: 1990-2004 [Excel 21k]

1038 - Shopping Centers--Number, Gross Leasable Area and Retail Sales, by State: 2004 [Excel 23k]

Establishments, Sales, Payroll and Employees

1012 - Wholesale and Retail Trade--Establishments, Sales, Payroll and Employees: 2002 [Excel 19k]

1013 - Retail Trade--Establishments, Employees, and Payroll: 1997 and 2002 [Excel 20k]

1014 - Wholesale and Retail Trade--Establishments, Employees, and Payroll by State: 2000 and 2002 [Excel 45k]

1015 - Retail Trade--Establishments, Employees, Payroll: 2000 and 2002 [Excel 29k]

1022 - Retail Trade--Nonemployer Establishments and Receipts by Kind of Business: 2000 to 2002 [Excel 23k]

Motor Vehicle Sales

1023 - Franchised New Car Dealerships--Summary: 1980 to 2004 [Excel 35k]

1024 - Retail Sales--New Passenger Cars: 1990 to 2003 [Excel 17k]

1025 - Retail Sales of New Cars by Sector: 1990 to 2003 [Excel 15k]

1026 - New and Used Car Sales and Leases: 1990 to 2004 [Excel 17k]

1027 - New Motor Vehicle Sales and Expenditures by Model Year: 1990 to 2004 [Excel 18k]

1028 - Annual U.S. Motor Vehicle Production and Factory (Wholesale) Sales: 1990 to 2003 [Excel 17k]

Online Retail Sales

1034 - U.S. Projected Online Retail Sales: 2003 to 2005 [Excel 17k]

1035 - Online Consumer Spending Forecast by Kind of Business: 2003 to 2005 [Excel 24k]

1036 - U.S. Electronic Shopping and Mail-Order Houses--Total and E-Commerce Sales by Merchandise Line: 2003 [Excel 19k]

1020 - U.S. Retail Trade Sales-Total and E-Commerce: 2003 [Excel 29k]

Retail Food Stores

1029 - Retail Food stores--Number and Sales by Type: 1990 to 2003 [Excel 21k]

1030 - Percent of Supermarkets Offering Selected Services and Product Lines: 1990-2003 [Excel 18k]

1031 - Food and Alcoholic Beverage Sales by Sales Outlet: 1990 to 2003 [Excel 27k]

1033 - Food and Beverage Stores--Number and Sales by Product Lines: 2002 [Excel 18k]

Retail Sales

1016 - Retail Trade and Food Service--Sales by Kind of Business: 1992 to 2004 [Excel 43k]

1017 - Retail Trade Corporations--Sales, Net Profit, and Profit Per Dollar of Sales: 2004 [Excel 17k]

1018 - Retail Trade and Food Service--Estimated Per Capita Sales by Selected Kinds of Business: 1992 to 2004 [Excel 46k]

1019 - Retail Trade--Merchandise Inventories and Inventory/Sales Ratio by Kind of Business: 2000 to 2004 [Excel 42k]

1021 - Retail Trade and Food Services--Sales by Type of Store and State: 2004 [Excel 32k]

Wholesale Trade

1039 - Merchant Wholesalers--Summary: 1995 to 2004 [Excel 27k]

1040 - Merchant Wholesale Trade Sales--Total E-commerce: 2003 [Excel 18k]

1041 - Wholesale Trade--Establishments, Employees, and Payroll: 2000 and 2002 [Excel 24k]


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