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The 2006 Statistical Abstract

The National Data Book

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Health & Nutrition: Health Expenditures

118 - National Health Expenditures--Summary, 1960 to 2003, and Projections, 2004 to 2014 [Excel 24k]

119 - National Health Expenditures by Type: 1990 to 2003 [Excel 21k]

120 - National Health Expenditures by Object, 1990 to 2003, and Projections, 2004 [Excel 32k]

121 - Health Services And Supplies--Per Capita Consumer Expenditures by Object: 1990 to 2003 [Excel 19k]

122 - Government Expenditures For Health Services And Supplies: 2003 [Excel 20k]

123 - Personal Health Care--Third Party Payments And Private Consumer Expenditures, 1990 to 2003, and Projections, 2004 [Excel 21k]

124 - Personal Health Care Expenditures by Object and Source of Payment: 2003 [Excel 56k]

125 - Hospital Care, Physician and Clinical Services, and Nursing Home Care Expenditures by Source of Payment: 1990 to 2003 [Excel 44k]

126 - Retail Prescription Drug Sales: 1995 to 2004 [Excel 22k]

128 - Consumer Price Indexes of Medical Care Prices: 1980 to 2004 [Excel 19k]

129 - Average Annual Expenditures Per Consumer Unit For Health Care: 1990 to 2003 [Excel 30k]


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