The 2008 Statistical Abstract

The National Data Book

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Science & Technology

This section presents statistics on scientific, engineering, and technological resources, with emphasis on patterns of research and development (R&D) funding and on scientific, engineering, and technical personnel; education; and employment. Also included are statistics on space program outlays and accomplishments.

Tables for Science and Technology Section [PDF 629k]


784 - College Graduates by Education and Occupation: 1993 and 2003 [Excel 29k] | [PDF 465k]

785 - Profile of Employed College Graduates by Employment Sector and Occupation Group: 2003 [Excel 29k] | [PDF 465k]

789 - Civilian Employment of Scientists, Engineers, and Technicians, by Occupation and Industry: 2004 [Excel 84k] | [PDF 465k]

790 - Individuals in Science and Engineering (S&E) Occupations as Share of Workforce by State and Other Areas: 2006 [Excel 58k] | [PDF 466k]

791 - Research & Development (R&D) Scientists and Engineers--Employment and Cost, by Industry: 2002 to 2004 [Excel 27k] | [PDF 466k]

798 - Nobel Prize Laureates in Selected Sciences: 1901 to 2003 [Excel 21k] | [PDF 463k]


775 - Research and Development (R&D) Expenditures by Source and Objective: 1970 to 2006 [Excel 38k] | [PDF 463k]

776 - Performance Sector of Research & Development (R&D) Expenditures: 1995 to 2006 [Excel 34k] | [PDF 464k]

777 - National Research & Development (R&D) Expenditures as a Percent of Gross Domestic Product by Country: 1985 to 2005 [Excel 28k] | [pdf 466k]

778 - Federal Obligations for Research in Current and Constant (2000) Dollars, by Field of Science: 1980 to 2006 [Excel 45k] | [PDF 466k]

779 - Federal Budget Authority for Research & Development (R&D) in Current and Constant (2000) Dollars by Selected Budget Functions: 2004 to 2007 [Excel 31k] | [PDF 466k]

780 - Research & Development (R&D) Expenditures in Science and Engineering at Universities and Colleges in Current and Constant (2000) Dollars: 1990 to 2005 [Excel 53k] | [PDF 466k]

781 - Federal Research & Development (R&D) Obligations to Selected Universities and Colleges: 2003 to 2004 [Excel 53k] | [PDF 466k]

792 - Research & Development (R&D) Funds in R&D-Performing Manufacturing and Nonmanufacturing Companies, by Industry: 2002 to 2004 [Excel 37k] | [PDF 466k]

793 - Funds for Performance of Industrial Research & Development (R&D) by Selected Industries: 2001 to 2004 [Excel 32k] | [PDF 466k]

795 - Federal Outlays for General Science, Space, and Other Technology, 1970 to 2006, and Projections, 2007 and 2008 [Excel 30k] | [PDF 465k]


794 - Space Vehicle Systems--Net Sales and Backlog Orders: 1970 to 2005 [Excel 29k] | [PDF 465k]

796 - U.S. and Worldwide Commercial Space Industry Revenue by Type: 2002 to 2005 [Excel 30k] | [PDF 465k]

797 - National Aeronautics and Space Administration--Budget Appropriations, 2007 and Projections, 2008 to 2012 [Excel 27k] | [PDF 463k]

Students and Degrees Conferred

782 - Graduate Science/Engineering Students in Doctorate-Granting Colleges by Characteristic and Field: 1990 to 2005 [Excel 42k] | [PDF 466k]

783 - Science and Engineering (S&E) Degrees Awarded, by Degree Level and Sex of Recipient: 1980 to 2004 [Excel 53k] | [PDF 465k]

784 - College Graduates by Education and Occupation: 1993 and 2003 [Excel 29k] | [PDF 465k]

785 - Profile of Employed College Graduates by Employment Sector and Occupation Group: 2003 [Excel 29k] | [PDF 465k]

786 - Doctorates Conferred by Characteristics of Recipients: 2000 and 2005 [Excel 81k] | [PDF 465k]

787 - Doctorates Awarded, by Field of Study and Year of Doctorate: 1999 to 2005 [Excel 23k] | [PDF 465k]

788 - Non-U.S. Citizens Awarded Doctorates in Science and Engineering, by Visa Type and Country of Citizenship: 1996 to 2005 [Excel 21k] | [PDF 465k]


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