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The 2010 Statistical Abstract

The National Data Book

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This section presents data on civil air transportation, both passenger and cargo, and on water transportation, including inland waterways, ocean-borne commerce, the merchant marine, cargo, and vessel tonnages. This section also presents statistics on revenues, passenger and freight traffic volume, and employment in various revenue-producing modes of the transportation industry, including motor vehicles, trains, and pipelines. Data are also presented on highway mileage and finances, motor vehicle travel, accidents, and registrations; and characteristics of public transit, railroads, and pipelines.

Download, view, and print entire Transportation Section [PDF 965k]

Air Transportation Fatalities and Complaints

1041 - Worldwide Airline Fatalities [Excel 39k] | [PDF 477k]

1042 - Aircraft Accidents [Excel 40k] | [PDF 477k]

1043 - U.S. Carrier Delays, Cancellations, and Diversions [Excel 39k] | [PDF 477k]

1044 - On-Time Flight Arrivals and Departures at Major U.S. Airports: 2008 [Excel 33k] | [PDF 460k]

1045 - Consumer Complaints Against U.S. Airlines [Excel 32k] | [PDF 460k]

Airline Operations and Traffic

1037 - U.S. Scheduled Airline Industry--Summary [Excel 27k] | [PDF 460k]

1038 - Airline Cost Indexes [Excel 34k] | [PDF 461k]

1039 - Top 40 Airports in 2007--Passengers Enplaned [Excel 38k] | [PDF 461k]

1040 - Domestic Airline Markets: 2008 [Excel 28k] | [PDF 461k]

1046 - Commuter/Regional Airline Operations Summary [Excel 29k] | [PDF 460k]

1047 - Airports, Aircraft, and Airmen [Excel 46k] | [PDF 460k]

All Modes of Transportation

1029 - Transportation and Warehousing--Establishments, Revenue, Payroll, and Employees by Industry [Excel 41k] | [PDF 444k]

1030 - Transportation-Related Components of U.S. Gross Domestic Product [Excel 40k] | [PDF 449k]

1031 - Employment in Transportation and Warehousing [Excel 35k] | [PDF 449k]

1032 - Transportation and Warehousing--Establishments, Employees, and Payroll by Kind of Business (NAICS Basis) [Excel 52k] | [PDF 449k]

1033 - Transportation System Mileage Within the U.S. [Excel 35k] | [PDF 466k]

1034 - U.S. Aircraft, Vehicles, and Other Conveyances [Excel 38k] | [PDF 466k]

1035 - Transportation Accidents, Deaths, and Injuries [Excel 43k] | [PDF 465k]

1036 - Shipment Characteristics by Mode of Transportation: 2007 [Excel 42K] | [PDF 460K]

Highway Financing

1055 - Funding for Highways and Disposition of Highway-User Revenue [Excel 39k] | [PDF 461k]

1056 - Federal Aid to State and Local Governments for Highway Trust Fund by State: 2007 [Excel 43k] | [PDF 461k]

1057 - State Motor Fuel Tax Receipts, and Gasoline Tax Rates [Excel 36k] | [PDF 461k]

1058 - Public Obligations for Highways--Changes in Indebtedness During the Year [Excel 40k] | [PDF 459k]

1059 - State Disbursements for Highways by State [Excel 44k] | [PDF 459k]

1082 - Federal Aid to State and Local Governments for Federal Transit Administration (FTA) by State: 2007 [Excel 41K] | [PDF 478K]

Highway Infrastructure and Use

1052 - Highway Mileage--Urban and Rural by Ownership [Excel 39k] | [PDF 459k]

1053 - Highway Mileage by State--Functional Systems and Urban/Rural: 2007 [Excel 53k] | [PDF 459k]

1054 - Bridge Inventory--Total, Deficient, Obsolete, and by State [Excel 56k] | [PDF 447k]

1063 - Roadway Congestion by Urbanized Area: 2007 [Excel 46k] | [PDF 460k]

1064 - Commuting to Work by State: 2007 [Excel 43k] | [PDF 446k]

1065 - Motor Vehicle Distance Traveled by Type of Vehicle [Excel 44k] | [PDF 458k]

1066 - Domestic Motor Fuel Consumption by Type of Vehicle [Excel 43k] | [PDF 458k]

Motor Vehicle Accidents and Fatalities

1067 - Motor Vehicle Accidents--Number and Deaths [Excel 49k] | [PDF 453k]

1068 - Traffic Fatalities by State [Excel 42k] | [PDF 459k]

1069 - Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents--National Summary [Excel 47k] | [PDF 464k]

1070 - Motor Vehicle Occupants and Nonoccupants Killed and Injured [Excel 37k] | [PDF 458k]

1071 - Vehicles Involved in Crashes by Vehicle Type, Rollover Occurrence, and Crash Severity: 2007 [Excel 30k] | [PDF 458k]

1072 - Speeding-Related Traffic Fatalities by State, Road Type, and Speed Limit: 2007 [Excel 36k] | [PDF 458k]

1073 - Fatalities by Highest Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) in the Crash [Excel 33k] | [PDF 459k]

1074 - Traffic Fatalities by State and Highest Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) in the Crash: 2007 [Excel 37k] | [PDF 459k]

1075 - Crashes by Crash Severity [Excel 35k] | [PDF 458k]

1076 - Alcohol Involvement for Drivers in Fatal Crashes [Excel 34k] | [PDF 458k]

1077 - Licensed Drivers and Number in Accidents by Age: 2007 [Excel 50k] | [PDF 458k]

Motor Vehicle Registrations, Alternative Fueled Vehicles

1060 - State Motor Vehicle Registrations [Excel 40k] | [PDF 460k]

1061 - Alternative Fueled Vehicles and Estimated Consumption of Vehicle Fuels by Fuel Type [Excel 43k] | [PDF 460k]

1062 - State Motor Vehicle Registrations, and Licensed Drivers and Motorcycle Registrations by State [Excel 41k] | [PDF 458k]

Trucks, Railroads, Pipelines

1083 - Truck Transportation, Couriers and Messengers, and Warehousing and Storage-Estimated Revenue [Excel 30k] | [PDF 448k]

1084 - Truck Transportation-Summary [Excel 30k] | [PDF 448k]

1085 - Railroads, Class 1--Summary [Excel 39k] | [PDF 450k]

1086 - Railroads, Class-1 Line-Haul-Revenue Freight Originated by Commodity Group [Excel 30k] | [PDF 458k]

1087 - Railroads, Class-1 Cars of Revenue Freight Loaded and by Commodity Group [Excel 26k] | [PDF 459k]

1088 - Petroleum Pipeline Companies--Characteristics [Excel 23k] | [PDF 459k]

U.S. Postal Service

1089 - U.S. Postal Service Rates for Letters and Postcards [Excel 37k] | [PDF 459k]

1090 - U.S. Postal Service-Summary [Excel 39k] | [PDF 461k]

Urban Transit

1078 - Passenger Transit Industry--Summary [Excel 44k] | [PDF 454k]

1079 - Transit Buses Equipped for Disabilities [Excel 34k] | [PDF 460k]

1080 - Characteristics of Rail Transit by Transit Authority: 2007 [Excel 45k] | [PDF 470k]

1081 - Transit Ridership in Selected Urbanized Areas: 2006 [Excel 43k] | [PDF 478k]

Water Transportation

1048 - Freight Carried on Major U.S. Waterways [Excel 33k] | [PDF 459k]

1049 - Waterborne Commerce by Type of Commodity [Excel 42k] | [PDF 459k]

1050 - Selected U.S. Ports by Tons of Traffic: 2007 [Excel 61k] | [PDF 460k]

1051 - Selected U.S. Ports/Waterways by Container Traffic: 2007 [Excel 43k] | [PDF 460k]

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