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The 2011 Statistical Abstract

The National Data Book

National Security & Veterans Affairs

This section displays data for national security (national defense and homeland security) and benefits for veterans. Data are presented on national defense and its human and financial costs; active and reserve military personnel; and federally sponsored programs and benefits for veterans, and funding, budget and selected agencies for homeland security.

Download, view, and print entire National Security and Veterans Affairs Section [PDF 727k]

Defense Outlays

501 - National Defense Outlays and Veterans Benefits [Excel 37k] | [PDF 66k]

502 - National Defense Budget Authority and Outlays for Defense Functions [Excel 34k] | [PDF 66k]

516 - U.S. Military Sales and Assistance to Foreign Governments [Excel 30k] | [PDF 61k]

517 - U.S. Military Sales and Deliveries by Selected Country [Excel 33k] | [PDF 61k]

Homeland Security

523 - Homeland Security Funding by Agency [Excel 32k] | [PDF 64k]

524 - Department of Homeland Security Total Budget Authority and Personnel by Organization [Excel 33k] | [PDF 64k]

525 - Homeland Security Grants by State/Territories [Excel 31k] | [PDF 66k]

526 - Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) Grant Program: 2008 [Excel 32k] | [PDF 66k]

527 - Preparedness Grant Programs [Excel 29k] | [PDF 66]

528 - Deportable Aliens Located by Program and Border Patrol Sector [Excel 32k] | [PDF 72k]

529 - U.S. Border Patrol Apprehensions by Border, Gender, Age, and Leading Country of Nationality [Excel 31k] | [PDF 72k]

530 - Deportable Aliens Located [Excel 30k] | [PDF 69k]

531- Aliens Returned or Removed by Crime Categories and Country of Nationality [Excel 31k] | [PDF 69k]

532 - Coast Guard Migrant Interdictions by Nationality of Alien [Excel 42k] | [PDF 69k]

533 - Customs and Border Protection (CBP)--Processed and Cleared Passengers, Planes, Vehicles, and Containers [Excel 31k] | [PDF 67]

534 - Prohibited Items Intercepted at U.S. Airport Screening Checkpoints [Excel 32k] | [PDF 67k]

535 - Seizure Statistics for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) [Excel 32k] | [PDF 67k]

Military Personnel and Expenditures

503 - Military and Civilian Personnel and Expenditures [Excel 21k] | [PDF 73k]

504 - Department of Defense Payroll and Contract Awards--States [Excel 26k] | [PDF 73k]

505 - Expenditures and Personnel by Selected Major Locations [Excel 27k] | [PDF 73k]

506 - Military and Civilian Personnel in Installations [Excel 33k] | [PDF 76k]

507 - Military Personnel on Active Duty by Location [Excel 29k] | [PDF 76k]

508 - Department of Defense Personnel [Excel 48k] | [PDF 71k]

509 - Military Personnel on Active Duty by Rank or Grade [Excel 34k] | [PDF 74k]

510 - Military Retirement System: 2009 [Excel 37k] | [PDF 74k]

511 - Military Reserve Personnel [Excel 31k] | [PDF 71k]

512 - Ready Reserve Personnel by Race, Hispanic Origin and Sex [Excel 32k] | [PDF 71k]

513 - National Guard by Sex and Race [Excel 28k] | [PDF 67k]

514 - U.S. Active Duty Military Deaths by Manner of Death [Excel 33k] | [PDF 67k]

515 - U.S. Military Personnel on Active Duty in Selected Foreign Countries [Excel 33k] | [PDF 67k]


518 - Veterans by Sex, Period of Service, and State: 2008 [Excel 36k] | [PDF 67k]

519 - Veterans Living by Period of Service, Age, and Sex: 2009 [Excel 32k] | [PDF 67k]

520 - Veterans by Sex, Race, and Hispanic or Latino Origin: 2006 [Excel 29k] | [PDF 69k]

521 - Veteran Benefits--Expenditures by Program and Compensation for Service-Connected Disabilities [Excel 37k] | [PDF 69k]

522 - Veterans Compensation and Pension Benefits--Number on Rolls by Period of Service and Status [Excel 33k] | [PDF 69k]

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