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The 2012 Statistical Abstract

The National Data Book

Energy & Utilities

This section presents statistics on fuel resources, energy production and consumption, electric energy, hydroelectric power, nuclear power, solar energy, wood energy, and the electric and gas utility industries.

Download, view, and print entire Energy and Utilities Section [PDF 780k]

Crude Oil, Petroleum

937 - Crude Oil Imports Into the U.S. by Country of Origin [Excel 66k] | [PDF 74k]

938 - Crude Oil and Refined Products - Summary [Excel 34k] | [PDF 65k]

939 - Petroleum and Coal Products Corporations - Sales, Net Profit, and Profit Per Dollar of Sales [Excel 32k] | [PDF 65k]

940 - Major Petroleum Companies - Financial Summary [Excel 33k] | [PDF 65k]


945 - Electricity Net Generation by Sector and Fuel Type [Excel 55k] | [PDF 66k]

946 - Total Electric Net Summer Capacity, All Sectors [Excel 37k] | [PDF 67k]

947 - Electricity-End Use and Average Retail Prices [Excel 63k] | [PDF 66k]

948 - Electric Power Industry - Net Generation and Net Summer Capacity by State [Excel 53k] | [PDF 63k]

949 - Electric Power Industry - Capability, Peak Load, and Capacity Margin [Excel 33k] | [PDF 71k]

950 - Electric Energy Retail Sales by Class of Service and State: 2009 [Excel 61k] | [PDF 71k]

951 - Electric Energy Price by Class of Service and State: 2009 [Excel 93k] | [PDF 73k]

952 - Total Electric Power Industry - Generation, Sales, Revenue, and Customers [Excel 86k] | [PDF 73k]

953 - Revenue and Expense Statistics for Major U.S. Investor-Owned Electric Utilities [Excel 30k] | [PDF 65k]

Gas Utility

955 - Gas Utility Industry - Summary [Excel 43k] | [PDF 77k]

956 - Gas Utility Industry - Customers, Sales, and Revenues by State: 2009 [Excel 63k] | [PDF 77k]

957 - Privately Owned Gas Utility Industry - Balance Sheet and Income Account [Excel 31k] | [PDF 67k]


941 - Nuclear Power Plants - Number, Capacity, and Generation [Excel 34k] | [PDF 67k]

942 - Nuclear Power Plants - Number of Units, Net Generation, and Net Summer Capacity by State: 2009 [Excel 95k] | [PDF 68k]

943 - Uranium Concentrate - Supply, Inventories, and Average Prices [Excel 103k] | [PDF 68k]

Prices, Expenditures, Sales

927 - Fossil Fuel Prices by Type of Fuel [Excel 43k] | [PDF 64k]

928 - Energy Expenditures and Average Fuel Prices by Source and Sector [Excel 37k] | [PDF 62k]

934 - Energy Expenditures--End-Use Sector and Selected Source, by State: 2008 [Excel 198k] | [PDF 64k]

Production, Consumption, Trade

925- Energy Supply and Disposition by Type of Fuel [Excel 45k] | [PDF 58k]

926 - Energy Supply and Disposition by Type of Fuel - Estimates, and Projections [Excel 44k] | [PDF 64k]

929 - Energy Consumption by Mode of Transportation [Excel 43k] | [PDF 61k]

930 - Energy Consumption by End-Use Sector [Excel 35k] | [PDF 69k]

931 - Energy Consumption-End-Use Sector and Selected Source, by State: 2008 [Excel 232k] | [PDF 68k]

935 - Energy Imports and Exports by Type of Fuel [Excel 49k] | [PDF 74k]

936 - U.S. Foreign Trade in Selected Mineral Fuels [Excel 32k] | [PDF 74k]

Solar and Renewable Energy, Emmisions

932 - Renewable Energy Consumption Estimates by Source [Excel 46k] | [PDF 66k]

933 - Fuel Ethanol and Biodiesel--Summary [Excel 35k] | [PDF 66k]

944 - Solar Collector Shipments by Type, End Use, and Market Sector [Excel 45k] | [PDF 66k]

954 - Total Renewable Net Generation by Source and State [Excel 187k] | [PDF 65k]


923 - Utilities--Establishments, Revenue, Payroll, and Employees by Kind of Business: 2007 [Excel 67k] | [PDF 58k]

924 - Private Utilities - Employees, Annual Payroll, and Establishments by Industry: 2008 [Excel 108k] | [PDF 58k]

Water and Sewage Systems

958 - Sewage Treatment Facilities: 2008 [Excel 76k] | [PDF 66k]

959 - Public Drinking Water Systems by Size of Community Served and Source of Water: 2009 [Excel 44k] | [PDF 69k]

960 - Public Drinking Water Systems - Number and Population Served by State: 2009 [Excel 55k] | [PDF 69k]

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