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The 2012 Statistical Abstract

The National Data Book

Foreign Commerce & Aid: Exports and Imports

1300 - U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services [Excel 34k] | [PDF 59k]

1301 - U.S. International Trade in Goods by Related Parties [Excel 36k] | [PDF 59k]

1302 - U.S. Freight Gateways--Value of Shipments: 2009 [Excel 47k] | [PDF 53k]

1303 - U.S. Exports And Imports For Consumption of Merchandise by Customs District [Excel 48k] | [PDF 65k]

1304 - Export And Import Unit Value Indexes--Selected Countries [Excel 29k] | [PDF 70k]

1305 - U.S. Exports, By State of Origin [Excel 48k] | [PDF 64k]

1306 - U.S. Agriculture Exports By State [Excel 37k] | [PDF 69k]

1307 - U.S. Exports, Imports, and Merchandise Trade Balance by Country [Excel 222k] | [PDF 165k]

1308 - U.S. Exports and General Imports by Selected SITC Commodity Groups [Excel 55k] | [PDF 70k]

1309 - United States Total and Aerospace Foreign Trade [Excel 35k] | [PDF 60k]

1310 - U.S. High Technology Exports by Industry and Selected Major Country [Excel 30k] | [PDF 60k]

1311 - U.S. Exporting Companies Profile by Employment-Size Class [Excel 32k] | [PDF 60k]

1312 - Domestic Exports And Imports For Consumption of Merchandise by Selected NAICS Product Category [Excel 71k] | [PDF 64k]

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