Painting and Paper Hanging Special Trade Contractors

Industry 1721

Establishments classified in this industry are primarily engaged in interior and exterior painting (except roofs), and paper hanging. For additional examples, refer to the Standard Industrial Classification Manual: 1987 (SIC) published by the Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President.

During 1992, the establishments with paid employees classified in this industry accounted for $8.74 billion in total dollar value of business. Of this amount, $8.69 billion were for the value of construction work. These establishments paid out $2.1 billion for materials, components, and supplies and $595 million for construction work subcontracted to others. Costs for selected power, fuels, and lubricants for the industry were $181 million. Value added for 1992 was $5.9 billion.

There were 31,920 establishments with total employment averaging 162,587 during the year. Total payroll for 1992 was $3.2 billion.

Larger establishments with 20 employees or more, while representing only 4 percent of the total number of employer establishments in this industry, accounted for 39 percent of all business done.

                (Dollar values are in thousands)

Construction Workers, average                        136,427
Other Employees, average                              26,160

Fringe Benefits, all employees                       704,963
Selected Purchased Services Cost                     164,397
Rental Costs                                         158,190

Total Building Construction Value                  7,102,870
   Single-Family Houses                            2,585,553
Total Nonbuilding Construction Value               1,391,408
   Highways, Streets, and Related Work               284,974
   such as installation of guard rails,
   highway signs, lighting, etc.

Painting Contractors Construction Value            6,961,779
Paper Hanging Contractors Value                      694,145
Traffic Lane Painting Contractors Value              321,144

Data are also available from the 1987 Census of Construction both on CDRom and in printed reports.