Economic Census (2012, 2007, 2002)

June 09, 2015

The Economic Census is the U.S. Government's official five-year measure of American business and the economy. Data from the Economic Census is important for your industry, your community and your business. Read more on the uses of Economic Census data on our data uses page.

What are Economy Wide Key Statistics (EWKS)?

EWKS compiles four key statistics for every industry and geographic area as they are published in other tables. It provides the most up-to-date figures for these measures. Includes Economic Census data for U.S., states, counties, places, and metropolitan areas for all industries. Data items include: number of establishments, sales and receipts, annual payroll, and number of employees.




Economy-Wide Key Statistics 2012,OPTAX&for=state:*&NAICS2012=54&key=your key

Economy-Wide Key Statistics 2007,OPTAX&for=state:*&NAICS2007=54&key=your key

Economy-Wide Key Statistics 2002,OPTAX&for=state:*&NAICS2002=54&key=your key



Type of operation or tax status code

With the following Ranges:

00  Wholesale Trade
10  Merchant wholesalers, except manufacturers' sales branches and offices
20  Manufacturers' sales branches and offices
99  Total
A    All establishments
T    Establishments subject to federal income tax
N    Establishments exempt from federal income tax (2002 and earlier)
Y    Establishments exempt from federal income tax (Starting in 2007)

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