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National Longitudinal Mortality Study

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Data Availability

An NLMS public-use file is available to interested researchers upon request through NLMS-Census Bureau principal investigator, Norm Johnson. Due to the confidential nature of the NLMS Title 13 data, the NLMS Public-use file consists of a restricted set of NLMS variables.

Research access to the entire NLMS database may be arranged through the principal investigators of the NLMS sponsoring agencies. Research topics of interest should fall within the general health interests of the agency. Principal investigators sponsor research through a quick-turn-around, two week, approval process established by the NLMS Steering Committee. The committee determines the priority of all NLMS research. Committee approved projects are assigned to an NLMS statistician who works directly with the researcher as a statistical consultant and as the interface to the NLMS database. Results are delivered to researchers on a, short-turnaround, flow basis through the most convenient means available in either electronic or hard copy format.

Researchers may also gain access to the most current NLMS analysis file through the Census Bureau's Research Data Centers. For complete information on the use of the Census Bureau's Research Data Centers go to the Center for Economic Studies Census Bureau’s website:

A researcher may now work with the most current NLMS analysis files on-site at the Census Bureau by becoming a Special Sworn Census Bureau employee. A person interested in this option must first gain research sponsorship of a project through an NLMS sponsoring agency according to the NLMS Steering Committee approval process and then apply for Special Sworn Status through Norm Johnson, Census Bureau NLMS Principal Investigator, see list of Principal Investigators below. Once approved, the researcher would then conduct the identified research, on-site, using a dedicated computer with support assistance available from the NLMS staff as requested.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | National Longitudinal Mortality Study |  Last Revised: December 11, 2014