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National Longitudinal Mortality Study

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Future Plans

The current plan for the NLMS is to integrate information on mortality into the NLMS every two years from 1998 through 2011 with research on the resulting database to continue, at least, through 2011. The NLMS will continue to incorporate data from the yearly Annual Social and Economic Supplement into the study as the data become available. Based on the expected size of the Annual Social and Economic Supplements to be conducted, the expected number of deaths to be added to the NLMS through the updating process will increase the mortality content of the study to over 550,000 cases out of a total number of approximately 3.8 million records.

In addition to the socio-economic and mortality data available, extensive geographical and demographic summary information at the census tract level, may be incorporated into NLMS records. To further enhance the research potential of NLMS data, information from sources outside the Census Bureau defined at the tract level may also be incorporated. An example of these types of data would be environmental pollution data from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | National Longitudinal Mortality Study |  Last Revised: December 11, 2014