Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates

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Accelerated Release

The state, county, and school district estimates for income year 2002 presented on this site were released on an accelerated schedule compared to previous years. The model-based estimates of income and poverty for states, counties, and school districts are now available with only a one-year lag, measured from the release of national estimates from the Annual Social and Economic Supplement (ASEC) of the Current Population Survey (CPS). This accelerated release schedule was the result of a successful effort to acquire input data earlier. Specifically, we acquired the food stamp data used in the county poverty models a year earlier than in previous years, and we now use the first release of demographic population estimates rather than their second (revised) release. For further details, see Estimation Procedure Changes. The SAIPE program will continue to release estimates on this new schedule in future years.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates |  Last Revised: April 29, 2013