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Diversity Networks

Census SAS Users Group (CenSAS)

Contacts: Terry Pennington, 301-763-7243 and Suzanne Dorinski, 301-763-4869

Champion: Brian McGrath

Census SAS Users Group (CenSAS) is an organization of Census employees who want to share their SAS knowledge with one another. CenSAS provides a forum for the exchange of information and promotion of new ideas concerning SAS and related products, to assist members in developing SAS skills, to inform the SAS Institute of products and services our members are interested in, and to provide opportunities to polish writing, presentation, and leadership skills of our members. CenSAS meets monthly, maintains a listserv for asking and responding to technical questions, maintains a second listserv for making announcements related to meetings and software releases and has a strong group presence on Yammer. CenSAS welcomes new members, regardless of level of SAS expertise. Join and learn!

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Disability and Diversity Programs Office | 301-763-4060 | Last Revised: December 19, 2013