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Diversity Networks

Toastmasters Clubs

Champion: William (Bill) G. Bostic, Jr.

Toastmasters is the fun, proven way to improve your skills in presentation, leadership, organizational and networking. Members actively participate by serving a variety of meeting roles and/or presenting one of the four major types of speeches. Whether the member is giving an informative, demonstrative, persuasive, or special occasion speech, Toastmasters techniques are proven to develop and enhance members’ skills, as well as allow them to safely take risks and receive constructive feedback.

The Census Bureau hosts three Toastmasters clubs that meet on different days. The Census Bureau’s Toastmasters Clubs are a part of the Toastmasters International network and utilizes Toastmasters’ leadership and communication training programs. Club members advance their leadership and speaking abilities by completing projects in educational manuals. Club members may participate in speech contests and winners continue competing through the area, division, and district levels. They may even compete at the international level.

The Census Bureau recognizes Toastmasters participation as official training, and members’ achievements are recorded in CHRIS.

  • Suitland Federal Toastmasters (Tuesdays) – Janet Freas, 301-763-1839
  • Presidential Speakers Toastmasters (Wednesdays) – Tahira Murphy, 301-763-1425
  • Fast Forward Toastmasters (Thursdays) - Jacquelyn Symonds, 301-763-7661
Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Disability and Diversity Programs Office | 301-763-4060 | Last Revised: December 19, 2013