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March 2001 Recommendation

DSSD Census 2000 Procedures and Operations Memorandum Series

A. Decennnial Overviews - (No memorandum assigned to this chapter.)

B. A.C.E. Review

C. Data Capture Processing - includes DCAR, PSA, KFI

D. Decennial Master Address File (DMAF)

E. Decennial Data Capture Files

F. Address Listing

G. Block Canvassing

H. Address List Review (LUCA)

I. Observation Reports (Non A.C.E.)

J. Questionnaire Design and Languages

K. Mailing Strategy

L. Mail Response

M. List/Enumerate and Remote Alaska

N. Update/Leave

O. Special Place/Group Quarters

P. Be Counted and Questionnaire Assistance Center (QAC)

Q. A.C.E. Estimation

R. A.C.E. Sampling

S. Accuracy & Coverage Evaluation Operations

T. A.C.E. Results - Person Coverage

U. HUCS Results - Housing Unit Coverage

V. A.C.E. Variance Estimation

W. Field Verification

X. Special Enumeration Methods

Y. Data Completeness - (No memorandum assigned to this chapter.)

Z. Puerto Rico, Island Areas and Special Enumeration Operations

AA. Invalid Return Detection Plan

BB. Nonresponse Follow-Up (NRFU) and Reinterview

CC. Coverage Improvement Follow-Up

DD. Edits and Coverage Follow-Up

EE. Telephone Questionnaire Assistance (TQA)

FF. Internet Response and Assistance

GG. Data Products

HH. Disclosure Avoidance (No memorandum assigned to this chapter.)

II. Quality Assurance - Field Operations

JJ. Quality Assurance - Data Capture and Processing Operations

KK. Quality Assurance - Census Profile

LL. Long Form Sampling and Estimation

MM. Undeliverable as Addressed Operations

NN. New Construction