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Link to Census 2000 Gateway Plans and Rules for Taking the Census
Operational Plans

New Construction Program

The United States Census Bureau wants to ensure that the residential address list for Census 2000 is as complete and as accurate as possible on April 1, 2000, and to ensure that it accounts for addresses not identified by other programs. Previous programs have attempted to validate the Census Bureau's inventory of residential addresses. The New Construction program offers all jurisdictions that have census blocks in which some or all Census 2000 questionnaires will be delivered by the U.S. Postal Service to predominately city-style addresses, a final opportunity to review the Census 2000 address list and to add new housing unit addresses missing from the list that qualify under the program criteria. For other areas, the Census Bureau will have its employees deliver questionnaires to the housing units in each census block, update the Census address list where newly built units are missing from the list, and deliver a questionnaire to each new address (or actually conduct the enumeration at each housing unit) as they complete their assignment. In this way, these areas also will have an accurate address list for Census 2000.

New Construction program participants that also participated in the LUCA 1998 program may not submit any addresses that they disputed during the LUCA program with the exception of those that were not found to exist during the LUCA program but have since completed the basic construction, closing the structure from the elements (special place addresses are not included in this program). This program does not allow for address deletions or corrections. Participants also may make additions and changes to the Census Bureau maps, however, the program does not allow changes to the governmental unit boundaries shown on the maps. The Census Bureau obtains this information separately.

New construction is any housing unit or other residential facility (excluding special places) for which basic construction is going to be completed by April 1, 2000. The Census Bureau defines basic construction as closing the structure and having it protected from the elements; that is having a roof, windows, and doors in place. The structure must be within the New Construction program review area shown on the Census Bureau supplied maps.

The Census Bureau will begin sending New Construction program materials to registered participants in mid-January 2000. Participants must complete their review and return all updated maps and added addresses to their local regional census center by April 6, 2000 to ensure processing for inclusion in Census operations.