U.S. Census Bureau
Link to Census 2000 Gateway Plans and Rules for Taking the Census

Operational Plans
The Census 2000 operational plan provides information on the objectives, major features, and milestone dates for each of the major elements of Census 2000.

Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation Federal Regulation
On October 6, 2000, the Department of Commerce published in the Federal Register a final rule relating to the release of redistricting data from the decennial census. The rule contained a delegation of authority from the Secretary of Commerce to the Census Bureau Director to make the final determination regarding the methodology to be used in producing the tabulations of population reported to states and localities pursuant to 13 U.S.C. 141(c). This rule has now been amended by the Department of Commerce. The amendments include, among other things, a revocation of the delegation of authority. This amended final rule was published in the Federal Register on February 23, 2001, and is accessible on this web page along with the earlier versions of the rule.

Residence Rules
The Census Bureau developed residence rules that provided instructions on where people were to be counted in Census 2000. The concept of "usual residence," that is, the place where a person lives and sleeps most of the time, is the main principle in determining where people are enumerated. The residence rules provide guidance for determining where people are counted whose usual residence is not apparent, such as military personnel, migrant workers, live-in nannies, and college students.