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        Census 2000 Central Teaching Materials

5-8 Teaching Materials

Scope & Sequence, Contents, How to Use Guide [pdf]
Text Version of Introduction [ASCI]

Map Literacy - Chapters 1 and 2
Chapter 1: A History of the Census, Gr 5-6 [pdf]
Chapter 2: Where We Live, Gr 7-8 [pdf]
Text Version of Chapters 1 and 2 [ASCII]

Community Involvement - Chapters 3 and 4
Chapter 3: Fill in Your Future, Gr 5-6 [pdf]
Chapter 4: Making Plans, Gr 7-8 [pdf]
Text Version of Chapters 3 and 4 [ASCII]

Managing Data - Chapters 5 and 6
Chapter 5: Create Your Own Form, Gr 5-6 [pdf]
Chapter 6: Graph It! Gr 7-8 [pdf]
Text Version of Chapters 5 and 6 [ASCII]

We Count!! in Color [pdf]
We Count!! Map in Black & White [pdf]
Population Density Map [pdf]
American Indian Reservations Map [pdf]

More Information
Additional Resources [pdf]
Text Version of Additional Resources [ASCII]

Person holding map of US with the words "Making Sense of Census 2000" above it

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Contact: Census in Schools

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