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Economic Census

Finding Economic Data By Geography

The economic programs at Census typically produce data for the following six levels of geography: National, States, Metro Areas, Counties, Places, and ZIP Codes. Some of the programs also produce data additional geographies such as Regions, Divisions, and Commodity Flow Survey Metro Areas. To learn more about each level of geography, please visit the Geography Help Center.

Using the tables below, you will be able to see which of the six main geographic levels are available for each program. In the first table, you will see all economic programs that release data in American FactFinder (AFF). In the second table, you will see all economic programs that release data via their website.

Not sure what a program covers? Simply click the program title to learn more.

Geographic Coverage of the Economic Census and Related Programs in AFF

this image represents a link to AFF - geography covered in economic program

The links in the table below will take you to prefiltered table. Once in AFF, you can access additional national level data by clicking the Back to Advanced Search button above the table. To learn more on how to use AFF please visit the help center or the AFF user guide.

Economic Program Frequency U.S. State Metro Areas Counties Places ZIP Codes
Annual Survey of Manufactures Annual link to ASM national level data link to ASM state level data        
County & ZIP Code Business Patterns Annual cbp national level data cbp state level data cbp metro level data cbp county level data   cbp ZIP Code level data
Nonemployer Statistics Annual nonemployer national level data nonemployer state level data nonemployer metro level data nonemployer county level data    
State Government Tax Collections Survey Annual Government Tax collection national level data Government Tax collection state level data        
Census of Governments 5 year national level govs data state level govs data   county level govs data    
Commodity Flow Survey 5 year National level cfs data state level 2007 data because the 2012 data isn't released yet metro level 2007 data because the 2012 data isn't released yet      
Economic Census 5 year national level economic census data state level economic census data metro level economic census data county level economic census data place level economic census data ZIP Code level economic census data
Economic Census of Island Areas 5 year   Island Area level data metro level data county level data place level data  
Survey of Business Owners 5 year national level sbo data state level sbo data metro level sbo data county level sbo data place level sbo data  

Geographic Coverage of Economic Programs not in AFF

- geography covered in economic program

Economic Program Frequency U.S. States Metro Areas Counties Places ZIP Codes
Advance Monthly Sales for Retail and Food Services Monthly          
Construction Spending Monthly        
Export Statistics Monthly        
Import Statistics Monthly        
Manufactured Homes Survey Monthly          
Manufacturers' Shipments, Inventories,and Orders Monthly          
Manufacturing and Trade Inventory and Sales Monthly          
Monthly Retail Trade and Food Services Survey Monthly          
Monthly Wholesale Trade Monthly          
Federal Assistance Awards Data System Quarterly    
Plant Capacity Utilization Quarterly          
Quarterly Financial Report Quarterly          
Quarterly Public-Employee Retirement System Survey Quarterly    
Quarterly Services Survey Quarterly          
Quarterly Workforce Indicators Quarterly    
Retail E-Commerce Sales Quarterly          
Annual Capital Expenditures Survey Annual          
Annual Public Employment Survey Annual    
Annual Retail Trade Survey Annual          
Annual Survey of State and Local Government Finances Annual  
Annual Wholesale Trade Survey Annual          
Building Permits Annual  
Business Dynamics Statistics Annual      
Business R & D and Innovation Survey Annual        
E-Stats (E-Commerce Statistics) Annual          
Exports from Manufacturing Establishments Annual        
Federal Audit Clearinghouse Annual          
Information and Communication Technology Survey Annual          
Local Government School System Finance Survey Annual    
Medical Expenditure Panel Survey Annual          
Profile of U.S. Exporting Companies Annual          
Service Annual Survey Annual          
State and Local Government Public-Employee Retirement Systems Annual    
Statistics of U.S. Businesses Annual  
Survey of Construction Annual          
Business Expenses 5 years          
Enterprise Statistics 5 years          
Governments Integrated Directory 5 years  
Consolidated Federal Fund Report Discontinued          
Current Industrial Reports Discountued          
Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Economic Planning and Coordination Division | 1-877-790-1876 | Last Revised: April 01, 2015