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What Is Advanced Search And Why Should I Use It Instead of Guided Search

Advanced Search is ideal for users seeking large amounts of information across multiple datasets, geographies, industry codes, or topics.

The goal of Advanced Search is to manually build search results by selecting filters and keywords from different search menus. The available search menus are a general keyword search, Topics, Geographies, Race and Ethnic Groups, Industry Codes, and EEO Occupation Codes. Economic data is searchable via all search menus except Race and Ethnic Groups and EEO Occupation Codes.

How to Use Advanced Search

Getting Started

To start, select Advanced Search on the American FactFinder main page and click SHOW ME ALL. The Advanced Search page will appear.
Advanced Search start

Your Selections

The Your Selections box serves as the repository for your keywords and filters. Each time you add or remove a keyword or filter to your search, it moves to the Your Selections box and all of the search menus will update to reflect the new criteria.
Your Selections

Keyword Search

Keyword Search allows you to search for data using keywords. First, input a keyword or phrase into the one text boxes. Then, using the two radio buttons below, select if you want to search all topics or limit the search to Race and Ethnic Groups, Industry Codes, or Occupation Codes.

Keyword Search

When a search is to broad, a clarification screen appears. The clarification screen pulls suggestions from one or more search menu. You can either select one of the suggestions or go directly into the applicable search menu.

Keyword Search


By using the Topics menu, you can narrow your search results by year, business and industry characteristics, program or survey, and other topics of interest. We recommended that you start your search here.

To select a topic, first expand a topic header by clicking the plus sign sign next to each topic header. Once a topic header is expanded, the plus sign sign becomes a minus sign sign and the two selectable topics appear as blue hyperlinks. You can select one or more topics. After each selection, the topic will move to threethe Your Selections box and the available topics will update to reflect the selections in the Your Selections box.

Topic Selection


You can search for a geography using one of four avilable methods: list, name, address, and map. We recommend using the list method for most geography searches.

When using the list method, you select a geographic type, from the one Select a geographic type menu. followed by one or more additional selections until a two result appears. Once a result appears, select it and click three ADD TO YOUR SELECTIONS to add it to the Your Selections box. You will now see the selected geography in four Your Selections. If your desired geographic type is not visible in the Select a geographic type menu, change the five select from button to all geographic types. Then repeat steps one through three.

Geo selection

Industry Codes

In the Industry Codes menu, you can search for a North American Industrial Classification System or (NAICS), Product and Service, Materials and Fuels, or Commodity Code. You can search for a code using a one text or filter search. After you select your first search term, the keyword or filter is moved to two Your Industry Code Filters and the threeIndustry Code Results update to reflect your search term. At this point you can either add more keywords and filters or select your industry code. To add the industry code to your search, fourselect the industry code and then click Add. The code is added to the fiveYour Selections box.

Industry Code selection

Search Results

The Search Results, reflect the keywords and filters in the one Your Selections box. From the Search Results you can view or download up to ten tables at a time. When downloading directly from the Search Results, you are limited to 50,000 geographies and 500,000 rows of data in each table. To view or download a table, select the tables you wish to view and click two view or download.

Search Results

View Table

Now that you have found your data, you can use the one table actions menu to modify, bookmark, print, or download the table or use the two results toggle to view other selected tables. To return to the search results page, click threeBACK TO ADVANCED SEARCH.

Table Results
Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Economic Planning and Coordination Division | 1-877-790-1876 | Last Revised: March 02, 2015