Things to Keep in Mind

Each Table is Unique

Tables are increasingly detailed with each successive release. These releases of tables often include different data items and tabulations by different characteristics, such as geography and industry level.

Data in the earliest tables published (from the Advance Report and Industry Series) may be superseded in later tables (e.g., Geographic Area Series). Be sure to watch for preliminary and revised data.

Tables are organized by unique tabulated levels and share the same data items (columns). Dissimilar or incomparable data are never mixed into the same table.

Most tables include only establishments with paid employees.

Some tables show data only for one industry sector or group of industries.

Detailed Data May Not Add to a Higher Level Total

Not all industries are shown at every level of detail because data may be subject to employment- and/or sales-size minimums for publication that vary by industry. However, the data are included in the higher levels of detail.

Data from suppressed cells are replaced by symbols, but are included in higher levels of data detail.

Data Not Available for Individual Businesses

Title 13, U.S. Code, prohibits release of information about individual businesses.

You cannot obtain data about individual businesses nor can you obtain a list of individual businesses.

See a full list of important notes and cautions to keep in mind when using economic data.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Economic Planning and Coordination Division | 1-877-790-1876 | Last Revised: June 15, 2015