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Economic Census

Businesses that Received Forms in 2012: Wyoming

In October through December 2012, nearly 4 million businesses in America received an economic census forms, including most businesses with paid employees.

In the figures below, areas may not add to higher level totals due to rounding and a limited number of businesses not yet classified by county.

Wyoming and its Counties

Area name Estimated
Wyoming 11,000
Albany County, WY 540
Big Horn County, WY 140
Campbell County, WY 890
Carbon County, WY 270
Converse County, WY 200
Crook County, WY 100
Fremont County, WY 660
Goshen County, WY 170
Hot Springs County, WY 99
Johnson County, WY 190
Laramie County, WY 1,500
Lincoln County, WY 260
Natrona County, WY 1,700
Niobrara County, WY 30
Park County, WY 590
Platte County, WY 140
Sheridan County, WY 610
Sublette County, WY 220
Sweetwater County, WY 800
Teton County, WY 830
Uinta County, WY 330
Washakie County, WY 200
Weston County, WY 110

Wyoming Metropolitan and Micropolitan Areas

Area name Estimated
Casper, WY Metropolitan Statistical Area 1,700
Cheyenne, WY Metropolitan Statistical Area 1,500
Evanston, WY Micropolitan Statistical Area 330
Gillette, WY Micropolitan Statistical Area 890
Jackson, WY-ID Micropolitan Statistical Area (WY part) 830
Laramie, WY Micropolitan Statistical Area 540
Riverton, WY Micropolitan Statistical Area 660
Rock Springs, WY Micropolitan Statistical Area 800
Sheridan, WY Micropolitan Statistical Area 610

For all metro areas, including totals for metro areas crossing state lines, see the metro area section of the United States page.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Economic Planning and Coordination Division | 1-877-790-1876 | Last Revised: March 05, 2015