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Economic Census

New for 2012

The 2012 Economic Census is similar to its predecessor, the 2007 Economic Census.

Reporting Changes

Electronic reporting. All single location businesses now have the option to report directly online. Businesses with more than one location can download software with a spreadsheet interface to report electronically.

Industry Classification Updates

The 2012 Economic Census will reflect the following changes as defined in the 2012 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).

New Industries

Five new industries have been broken out from 2007 NAICS code 22119, Other Electric Power Generation.

2007 NAICS2012 NAICSNAICS Industry Title
22119 Other Electric Power Generation
 221114Solar Electric Power Generation
 221115Wind Electric Power Generation
 221116Geothermal Electric Power Generation
 221117Biomass Electric Power Generation
 221118Other Electric Power Generation

Realignment of Industries

Several 2007 NAICS industries have been realigned into new 2012 industries. For example, 2012 NAICS 443142, Electronics Stores combines the following four 2007 NAICS industries.

2007 NAICS2012 NAICSNAICS Industry Title
 443142Electronics Stores
443112 Radio, Television, and Other Electronics Stores
443120 Computer and Software Stores
443130 Camera and Photographic Supplies Stores
451220 Prerecorded Tape, Compact Disc, and Record Stores

The 2012 NAICS also includes a comprehensive review of the manufacturing sector. This has resulted in the consolidation of over 20% of the total number of manufacturing industries from 2007. For specific examples of this change as well as other changes for 2012, see the 2012 to 2007 NAICS Concordance [.xls] on the NAICS website.

Bridging the Changes

The 2012 Economic Census will be published on the 2012 NAICS basis, but data will also be published on the 2007 NAICS basis in the following two reports:

  • Comparative Statistics will present data for 2012 and 2007 on the 2007 NAICS basis for the U.S. and states.
  • The Bridge Between 2012 NAICS and 2007 NAICS will provide 2012 statistics on the 2012 and 2007 NAICS basis for industries that have changed for 2012. The report shows the total for the industry as well as the components of the NAICS change to help users understand the impact of the classification change.

Product Classification Updates

Product classification. Selected product categories for wholesale and retail trade have been revised to conform to the North American Product Classification System (NAPCS). This continues the introduction of NAPCS that started in the 2002 Economic Census.

Geographic Updates

  • More data for small communities. For the 2007 Economic Census, a cutoff of 5,000 or more population or jobs was used to identify the economic places valid for publication. For the 2012 Economic Census, these cutoffs have been reduced to 2,500, resulting in nearly 5,000 new places to be published in the Census. The 2012 Economic Census will also reflect any boundary and/or title changes for counties, economic places, and other geographic areas.
  • Metro Areas classification. The metro areas published in the 2012 Economic Census will be those delineated by the Office of Management and Budget in 2013 based in part on the results of the 2010 Census of Population and Housing. New areas will qualify and the boundaries and/or titles of many existing areas will change.
  • Geographic Components. For the 2012 Economic Census, data for Areas Outside Metro Areas (non-Metros), Statewide, and Offshore Areas will now be published in American FactFinder using Geographic Component codes. See the FactFinder Help for more information on geographic selection.
  • Puerto Rico Planning Areas. The 2007 Economic Census of Island Areas published data for Commercial Regions in Puerto Rico, which were defined as groupings of 2 or more municipios. For the 2012 Economic Census of Island Areas, these areas have been replaced with Planning Regions. See PR Planning Regions for a comparison of these areas.

New Enterprise Statistics

Additional questions have been added to company-level forms (for an example please view form NC99001PDF) to gather key measures, including innovation, globalization, research and development, contract manufacturing, and business diversification. These will be published in a new 2012 Enterprise Statistics report. See Enterprise Statistics for prototype tables from the 2007 Economic Census.

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