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2002 Economic Census:
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Industry Series data are preliminary and are subject to change; they will be superseded by data released in later reports.

Reports published by date

Data are released in American FactFinder biweekly and may lag availability in PDF by up to four weeks. Data are released on DVD-ROM quarterly starting in September and may lag availability in PDF by up to four months.

Link to PDF NAICS code Report title Report number Date released (PDF)
link to pdf 314991 Rope, Cordage, and Twine Mills EC02-31I-314991 7/27/2004
link to pdf 314992 Tire Cord and Tire Fabric Mills EC02-31I-314992 7/27/2004
link to pdf 712 Museums, Historical Sites, and Similar Institutions EC02-71I-02 7/26/2004
link to pdf 311830 Tortilla Manufacturing EC02-31I-311830 7/26/2004
link to pdf 316110 Leather and Hide Tanning and Finishing EC02-31I-316110 7/26/2004
link to pdf 335311 Power, Distribution, and Specialty Transformer Mfg. EC02-31I-335311 7/26/2004
link to pdf 339995 Burial Casket Manufacturing EC02-31I-339995 7/26/2004
link to pdf 525 Real Estate Investment Trusts EC02-52I-09 7/23/2004
link to pdf 4248, 42494 Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Products EC02-42I-01(RV) 7/22/2004
link to pdf 483 Water Transportation EC02-48I-01 7/22/2004
link to pdf 339911 Jewelry (except Costume) Manufacturing EC02-31I-339911 7/22/2004
link to pdf 5324 Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing EC02-53I-04 7/21/2004
link to pdf 312221 Cigarette Manufacturing EC02-31I-312221 7/19/2004
link to pdf 324191 Petroleum Lubricating Oil and Grease Manufacturing EC02-31I-324191 7/19/2004
link to pdf 333295 Semiconductor Machinery Manufacturing EC02-31I-333295 7/19/2004
link to pdf 335991 Carbon and Graphite Product Manufacturing EC02-31I-335991 7/19/2004
link to pdf 5321 Automotive Equipment Rental and Leasing EC02-53I-03 7/ 8/2004
link to pdf 481 Air Transportation EC02-48I-04 7/ 7/2004
link to pdf 5242 Insurance Agencies, Brokerages and Other Related Activities EC02-52I-01 6/29/2004
link to pdf 5411 Legal Services EC02-54I-01 6/28/2004
link to pdf 5616 Investigation and Security Services EC02-56I-06 6/28/2004
link to pdf 5617 Services to Buildings and Dwellings EC02-56I-07 6/28/2004
link to pdf 4241, 42492 Books, Periodicals, Newspapers, and Other Paper Products EC02-42I-02 6/25/2004
link to pdf 4235, 42393 Metals and Minerals (except Petroleum) EC02-42I-03 6/25/2004
link to pdf 4533 Used Merchandise Stores EC02-44I-01 6/25/2004
link to pdf 4542 Vending Machine Operators EC02-44I-02 6/25/2004
link to pdf 5232 Securities and Commodity Exchanges EC02-52I-02 6/23/2004
link to pdf 5331 Lessors of Nonfinancial Intangible Assets (except Copyrighted Works) EC02-53I-01 6/23/2004
link to pdf 5323 General Rental Centers EC02-53I-02 6/23/2004
link to pdf 5211 Monetary Authorities - Central Bank EC02-52I-10 6/22/2004
link to pdf 487 Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation EC02-48I-03 6/16/2004
link to pdf 53113 Lessors of Miniwarehouses and Self-Storage Units EC02-53I-10 6/10/2004
link to pdf 325311 Nitrogenous Fertilizer Manufacturing EC02-31I-325311 5/21/2004
link to pdf 485 Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation EC02-48I-07 4/29/2004