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Industry Series data are preliminary and are subject to change; they will be superseded by data released in later reports.

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Report title Report number Projected
or actual
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53111 Lessors of Residential Buildings and Dwellings EC02-53I-08 08/12/2004 [PDF] 376 [PDF] 198
53112 Lessors of Nonresidential Buildings (except Miniwarehouses) EC02-53I-09 09/01/2004 [PDF] 384 [PDF] 202
53113 Lessors of Miniwarehouses and Self-Storage Units EC02-53I-10 06/10/2004 [PDF] 372 [PDF] 183
53119 Lessors of Other Real Estate Property EC02-53I-11 08/19/2004 [PDF] 371 [PDF] 196
5312 Offices of Real Estate Agents and Brokers EC02-53I-07 09/22/2004 [PDF] 377 [PDF] 200
5313 Activities Related to Real Estate EC02-53I-06 09/29/2004 [PDF] 385 [PDF] 208
5321 Automotive Equipment Rental and Leasing EC02-53I-03 07/08/2004 [PDF] 380 [PDF] 196
5322 Consumer Goods Rental EC02-53I-05 09/10/2004 [PDF] 390 [PDF] 210
5323 General Rental Centers EC02-53I-02 06/23/2004 [PDF] 378 [PDF] 188
5324 Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing EC02-53I-04 07/21/2004 [PDF] 388 [PDF] 211
5331 Lessors of Nonfinancial Intangible Assets (except Copyrighted Works) EC02-53I-01 06/23/2004 [PDF] 372 [PDF] 184