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2002 Economic Census
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Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services

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Industry Series data are preliminary and are subject to change; they will be superseded by data released in later reports.

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Report title Report number Projected
or actual
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5611 Office Administrative Services EC02-56I-01 09/22/2004 [PDF] 379 [PDF] 193
5612 Facilities Support Services EC02-56I-02 09/22/2004 [PDF] 377 [PDF] 189
5613 Employment Services EC02-56I-03 09/30/2004 [PDF] 389 [PDF] 205
5614 Business Support Services EC02-56I-04 07/29/2004 [PDF] 409 [PDF] 223
5615 Travel Arrangement and Reservation Services EC02-56I-05 09/30/2004 [PDF] 391 [PDF] 209
5616 Investigation and Security Services EC02-56I-06 06/28/2004 [PDF] 375 [PDF] 196
5617 Services to Buildings and Dwellings EC02-56I-07 06/28/2004 [PDF] 383 [PDF] 204
5619 Other Support Services EC02-56I-08 10/26/2004 [PDF] 376 [PDF] 195
562 Waste Management and Remediation Services EC02-56I-09 09/15/2004 [PDF] 497 [PDF] 306