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2002 Economic Census Conference Slide-Lectures

The Census Bureau conducted 44 conferences and hands-on workshops for data users on the 2002 Economic Census during the summer of 2005. That series is now complete, but the training materials used are available for self-study.

Presentation materials for your own use

If you were unable to attend one of our conferences, or would like to incorporate census materials in your own presentations, you may wish to download slides (9mb .ppt) or view the narrative (2.5mb .pdf) from a recent 2002 Economic Census presentation in Ohio, or access the list of presentations below. Some of the same content can also be viewed in an interactive slide show in html.

While the Ohio presentation is the latest, you can use geographic and data examples from the state-specific presentations.
State Date Updated Powerpoint Narrative (in Word) Exercises Answers
AR 19-Aug-2005 sp-ec02-ar05.ppt   ExerciseAR.doc ExerciseARanswers.doc
AZ 29-Sep-2005 sp-ec02-az05.ppt      
CA 25-Aug-2005 sp-ec02-ca05e.ppt   ExerciseCA.doc ExerciseCAanswers.doc
14-Sep-2005 sp-ec02-ct05.ppt sp-ec02-ct05.doc ExerciseCT.doc ExerciseCTanswers.doc
IA 02-Aug-2005 sp-ec02-ia05.ppt   ExercisesIA.doc ExerciseIAanswers.doc
IN 14-Sep-2005 sp-ec02-in05.ppt sp-ec02-in05.doc    
KS 02-Aug-2005 sp-ec02-ks05.ppt      
MA 12-Jul-2005 sp-ec02-ma05.ppt sp-ec02-ma05.doc ExerciseMAanswers.doc
MI 14-Sep-2005 sp-ec02-mi05.ppt

sp-ec02-mi05.doc ExerciseMI.doc ExerciseMIanswers.doc
MN 19-Aug-2005 sp-ec02-mn05.ppt      
NC 15-Aug-2005 sp-ec02-nc05.ppt sp-ec02-nc05.doc ExercisesNC.doc ExerciseNCanswers.doc
NJ 20-Jun-2005 sp-ec02-nj05.ppt   Exercise-NJ.wpd Exercise-NJ-answers.wpd
NM 15-Apr-2005 sp-ec02-nm05a.ppt sp-ec02-nm05.doc Exercise-NM.pdf "slides/Exercises-NM-answers.pdf
NY 19-Jul-2005 sp-ec02-ny05.ppt   ExercisesNY.doc ExerciseNYanswers.doc
OH 22-Feb-2006 sp-ec02-oh06.ppt sp-ec02-oh06.pdf    
TN 25-Jul-2005 sp-ec02-tn05.ppt      
TX 31-Aug-2005 sp-ec02-tx05.ppt sp-ec02-tx05.doc    



Training typically included:

  • 8:15- 9:00 Registration
  • 9:00- 9:20 Background on the Economic Census: Recent Trends and Uses of theData
    • Scope of the Census; how data were collected; how businesses use the data; how government agencies use the data.
  • 9:20-9:40 North American Industry Classification System
    • Introduction to the NAICS system and how it changed for 2002; bridging between NAICS and SIC.
  • 9:40-10:20 2002 Economic Census Products
    • Redesigning census products for the information age; types of reports; how CD-ROM, Internet, and print products compare; release schedules.
  • Break
  • 10:40-11:40 Working with Economic Census Data on the Web
    • Accessing data in drill-down tables and in American FactFinder; comparability issues in assembling time series data; reference materials.
  • 11:40-12:00 Annual Business Data from the Census Bureau
    • Annual data sources to update or extend census findings: County Business Patterns, Statistics of U.S. Businesses, Annual Survey of Manufactures, and more

In training offered in "hands-on" format, at designated points in each segment, attendees worked on their own at a computer to retrieve data from the web in a series of exercises structured to reinforce key concepts, working with data for the local area.


For more information

If, after reviewing these materials, you have questions on their content, ask Dr. Census or contact Paul Zeisset at 301-763-4151.