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Guide to the
2002 Economic Census

ZIP Code Statistics from the Economic Census
Sectors in 2002 ZIP Code Statistics:
44-45Retail Trade
54Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
56Administrative, Support, Waste Management, Remediation Services
61Educational Services
62Health Care and Social Assistance
71Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation
72Accommodation and Foodservices
81Other Services (except Public Administration)

ZIP Code Statistics presents counts of establishments by size by detailed NAICS for five-digit ZIP Codes in 8 of the 18 sectors covered in the 2002 Economic Census. These sectors include roughly 60 percent of establishments with paid employees counted in the economic census. There are no statistics on the distribution of nonemployer establishments by ZIP Code.

The statistics shown are counts of establishments classified by size of sales or receipts:

These categories exclude establishments in business for fewer than 10 months of the year, since part-year receipts would not be representative of the actual size of the business. These establishment counts by size class are not considered to be a disclosure of confidential information, so data lines are present for every kind of business with one or more establishments within a ZIP Code.

Other Sources of ZIP Code Statistics: ZIP Code Business Patterns (ZBP) presents counts of establishments by industry by employment-size class annually. ZBP data also include all business sectors (excluding only farming and government), unlike the limitation to 8 sectors in the 2002 census program. Total employment and payroll for the ZIP Code are also shown, but without industry detail.

ZIP Code Statistics tables for 1997 included aggregate sales or receipts, payroll, and employment in ranges for each sector by ZIP Code, but corresponding data are not published for 2002.

Economic Census ZIP Code data in American FactFinder: 2002 Economic Census ZIP Code Statistics are available in their entirety in American FactFinder ( Since the data are segmented into separate files by both sector and division, the following table should be helpful in linking directly in to the file that has the data of interest in American FactFinder. See below for a map showing the states that comprise each division.

SectorNew EnglandMiddle AtlanticEast North CentralWest North Central South AtlanticEast South CentralWest South CentralMountainPacific
Retail Trade
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Administrative, Support, Waste Management, Remediation Services
Educational Services
Health Care and Social Assistance
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation
Accommodation and Foodservices
Other Services (except Public Administration)

To look up data for a single ZIP code, use the "Geographies" button.

The place names shown are for reference only. The U.S. Postal Service recognizes multiple names for many ZIP codes. The data shown are for the ZIP code, without regard to the name of the place shown.

Economic Census ZIP Code data on DVD-ROM: These data are on Economic Census DVD-ROM Volume 1Z. See

Geographic Divisions used to segment ZIP Code Statistics

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