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Industry Series data are preliminary and are subject to change; they will be superseded by data released in later reports.

Reports published in last 2 weeks

Data are released in American FactFinder biweekly and may lag availability in PDF by up to four weeks. Data are released on DVD-ROM quarterly starting in September and may lag availability in PDF by up to four months.

Link to PDF NAICS code Report title Report number Date released (PDF)
link to pdf 314991 Rope, Cordage, and Twine Mills EC02-31I-314991 7/27/2004
link to pdf 314992 Tire Cord and Tire Fabric Mills EC02-31I-314992 7/27/2004
link to pdf 712 Museums, Historical Sites, and Similar Institutions EC02-71I-02 7/26/2004
link to pdf 311830 Tortilla Manufacturing EC02-31I-311830 7/26/2004
link to pdf 316110 Leather and Hide Tanning and Finishing EC02-31I-316110 7/26/2004
link to pdf 335311 Power, Distribution, and Specialty Transformer Mfg. EC02-31I-335311 7/26/2004
link to pdf 339995 Burial Casket Manufacturing EC02-31I-339995 7/26/2004
link to pdf 525 Real Estate Investment Trusts EC02-52I-09 7/23/2004
link to pdf 4248, 42494 Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Products EC02-42I-01(RV) 7/22/2004
link to pdf 483 Water Transportation EC02-48I-01 7/22/2004
link to pdf 339911 Jewelry (except Costume) Manufacturing EC02-31I-339911 7/22/2004
link to pdf 5324 Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing EC02-53I-04 7/21/2004
link to pdf 312221 Cigarette Manufacturing EC02-31I-312221 7/19/2004
link to pdf 324191 Petroleum Lubricating Oil and Grease Manufacturing EC02-31I-324191 7/19/2004
link to pdf 333295 Semiconductor Machinery Manufacturing EC02-31I-333295 7/19/2004
link to pdf 335991 Carbon and Graphite Product Manufacturing EC02-31I-335991 7/19/2004
Complete list of reports, by release date or by sector

Reports coming soon

NAICS code Report title Report number
311111 Dog and Cat Food Manufacturing EC02-31I-311111
311213 Malt Manufacturing EC02-31I-311213
311711 Seafood Canning EC02-31I-311711
311712 Fresh and Frozen Seafood Processing EC02-31I-311712
311911 Roasted Nuts and Peanut Butter Manufacturing EC02-31I-311911
311919 Other Snack Food Manufacturing EC02-31I-311919
312112 Bottled Water Manufacturing EC02-31I-312112
312113 Ice Manufacturing EC02-31I-312113
312120 Breweries EC02-31I-312120
312140 Distilleries EC02-31I-312140
313221 Narrow Fabric Mills EC02-31I-313221
313222 Schiffli Machine Embroidery EC02-31I-313222
313312 Textile and Fabric Finishing (except Broadwoven Fabric) Mills EC02-31I-313312
313320 Fabric Coating Mills EC02-31I-313320
314911 Textile Bag Mills EC02-31I-314911
314912 Canvas and Related Product Mills EC02-31I-314912
315292 Fur and Leather Apparel Manufacturing EC02-31I-315292
315993 Men's and Boys' Neckwear Manufacturing EC02-31I-315993
316992 Women's Handbag and Purse Manufacturing EC02-31I-316992
316993 Personal Leather Good (except Women's Handbag and Purse) Manufacturing EC02-31I-316993
321219 Reconstituted Wood Product Manufacturing EC02-31I-321219
322223 Plastics, Foil, and Coated Paper Bag Manufacturing EC02-31I-322223
322225 Laminated Aluminum Foil Mfg for Flexible Packaging Uses EC02-31I-322225
325221 Cellulosic Organic Fiber Manufacturing EC02-31I-325221
325312 Phosphatic Fertilizer Manufacturing EC02-31I-325312
325314 Fertilizer (Mixing Only) Manufacturing EC02-31I-325314
325411 Medicinal and Botanical Manufacturing EC02-31I-325411
331112 Electrometallurgical Ferroalloy Product Manufacturing EC02-31I-331112
331411 Primary Smelting and Refining of Copper EC02-31I-331411
331511 Iron Foundries EC02-31I-331511
332112 Nonferrous Forging EC02-31I-332112
332321 Metal Window and Door Manufacturing EC02-31I-332321
333210 Sawmill and Woodworking Machinery Manufacturing EC02-31I-333210
333311 Automatic Vending Machine Manufacturing EC02-31I-333311
333414 Heating Equipment (except Warm Air Furnaces) Mfg. EC02-31I-333414
333991 Power-Driven Hand Tool Manufacturing EC02-31I-333991
334412 Bare Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing EC02-31I-334412
334415 Electronic Resistor Manufacturing EC02-31I-334415
334419 Other Electronic Component Manufacturing EC02-31I-334419
335211 Electric Housewares and Household Fan Manufacturing EC02-31I-335211
335212 Household Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturing EC02-31I-335212
335911 Storage Battery Manufacturing EC02-31I-335911
335912 Primary Battery Manufacturing EC02-31I-335912
337212 Custom Architectural Woodwork and Millwork Mfg. EC02-31I-337212
337910 Mattress Manufacturing EC02-31I-337910
337920 Blind and Shade Manufacturing EC02-31I-337920
339913 Jewelers' Material and Lapidary Work Manufacturing EC02-31I-339913
339914 Costume Jewelry and Novelty Manufacturing EC02-31I-339914
42391, 42392, 42394 Miscellaneous Goods EC02-42I-04
4242 Drugs, Cosmetics, and Toiletries EC02-42I-05
4532 Office Supplies, Stationery, and Gift Stores EC02-44I-03
4512 Book, Periodical, and Music Stores EC02-44I-04
5221 Depository Credit Intermediation EC02-52I-07
5614 Business Support Services EC02-56I-04
61 Educational Services (except Elementary and Secondary Schools, and Colleges and Universities) EC02-61I-01
621 Ambulatory Health Care Services EC02-62I-01
624 Social Assistance EC02-62I-04

Complete list of Industry Series reports

Schedule for other reports
List of reports NAICS code Sector Title
link to list of reports 21 Mining
link to list of reports 22 Utilities
link to list of reports 23 Construction
link to list of reports 31-33 Manufacturing
link to list of reports 42 Wholesale Trade
link to list of reports 44-45 Retail Trade
link to list of reports 48-49 Transportation and Warehousing
link to list of reports 51 Information
link to list of reports 52 Finance and Insurance
link to list of reports 53 Real Estate and Rental and Leasing
link to list of reports 54 Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
link to list of reports 55 Management of Companies and Enterprises
link to list of reports 56 Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services
link to list of reports 61 Educational Services
link to list of reports 62 Health Care and Social Assistance
link to list of reports 71 Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation
link to list of reports 72 Accommodation and Food Services
link to list of reports 81 Other Services (except Public Administration)