This report was prepared in the Manufacturing and Construction Division under the direction of Judy M. Dodds, Assistant Division Chief for Census and Related Programs who was responsible for the overall planning, management, and coordination. Susan Bucci, Chief, Construction and Minerals Branch, assisted by Kaylene Hanks, Section Chief, and Raphael Corrado, Tom Flood, Robert Miller, and Robert Rosati, Special Assistants, performed the planning and implementation. Richard Hough, Lacey Loftin, Vicki Mills, Kara Moore, and Felix Veras provided primary staff assistance. Mendel D. Gayle, Chief, Census and Related Programs Support Branch, assisted by Kimberly DePhillip, Section Chief, performed overall coordination of the publication process. Patrick Duck, Michael Flaherty, Taylor C. Murph, Wanda Sledd, and Veronica White provided primary staff assistance.

Mathematical and statistical techniques, as well as the coverage operations, were provided by Paul Hsen, Assistant Division Chief for Research and Methodology Programs, assisted by Stacey Cole, Chief, Manufacturing Methodology Branch, and Robert Struble, Section Chief. Jeffrey Dalzell and Cathy Gregor provided primary staff assistance.

Eddie J. Salyers, Assistant Division Chief of Economic Planning and Coordination Division, was responsible for overseeing the editing and tabulation procedures and the interactive analytical software. Dennis Shoemaker and Kim Wortman, Special Assistants, John D. Ward, Chief, Analytical Branch, and Brandy L. Yarbrough, Chief, Edit Branch, were responsible for developing the systems and procedures for data collection, editing, review, and correction. Donna L. Hambric, Chief of the Economic Planning Staff, was responsible for overseeing the systems and information for dissemination. Douglas J. Miller, Chief, Tables and Dissemination Branch, assisted by Lisa Aispuro, Jamie Fleming, Keith Fuller, Andrew W. Hait, and Kathy G. Padgett were responsible for developing the data dissemination systems and procedures.

The Geography Division staff, Robert LaMacchia, Chief, developed geographic coding procedures and associated computer programs.

The Economic Statistical Methods and Programming Division, Howard R. Hogan, Chief, developed and coordinated the computer processing systems. Barry F. Sessamen, Assistant Division Chief for Post Collection, was responsible for design and implementation of the processing system and computer programs. Gary T. Sheridan, Chief, Macro Analytical Branch, assisted by Apparao V. Katikineni and Edward F. Johnson provided computer programming and implementation.

The Systems Support Division provided the table composition system. Robert Joseph Brown, Table Image Processing System (TIPS) Senior Software Engineer, was responsible for the design and development of the TIPS, under the supervision of Robert J. Bateman, Assistant Division Chief, Information Systems.

The staff of the National Processing Center performed mailout preparation and receipt operations, clerical and analytical review activities, and data entry.

Margaret A. Smith, Bernadette J. Beasley, Michael T. Browne, and Alan R. Plisch of the Administrative and Customer Services Division, Walter C. Odom, Chief, provided publication and printing management, graphics design and composition, and editorial review for print and electronic media. General direction and production management were provided by James R. Clark, Assistant Division Chief, and Susan L. Rappa, Chief, Publications Services Branch.

Special acknowledgment is also due the many businesses whose cooperation contributed to the publication of these data.