Number of Employees

These individuals consist of all full-time and part-time employees on the payrolls of establishments during any part of the pay period including the 12th of March. Included are all persons on paid sick leave, paid holidays, and paid vacations during this pay period. A distribution of those employees who work in units that serve manufacturing, distribution, or construction operations also carried on at the mining establishment in addition to the minerals operation is also included. Officers of corporations are included as employees; not included are proprietors and partners of unincorporated firms.

The “all employees” number is the number of production, development, and exploration workers plus the number of all other employees on the payrolls of establishments during any part of the pay period including the 12th of March.

The “production, development, and exploration workers” number includes workers (up through the working-supervisor level) engaged in manual work (using tools, operating machines, hauling materials, loading and hauling products out of the mine, and caring for mines, plants, mills, shops, or yards). Included are exploration work, mine development, storage, shipping, maintenance, repair, janitorial and guard services, auxiliary production for use at establishments (e.g., power plants), recordkeeping, and other services closely associated with these production operations at the establishment covered by the report. Gang and straw bosses and supervisors who performed manual labor are included, as are employees paid on either a time- or piece-rate basis. Also included are miners paid on a per ton, car, or yard basis and persons engaged by them and paid out of the total amount received by these miners. Employees above the working-supervisor level and those of contractors are excluded from this item.

The “other employees” number covers nonproduction employees of the mining establishment including those engaged in the following activities: supervision above the working-supervisor level, sales, highway trucking or other transportation (by employees not entering mines or pits), advertising, credit, collection, clerical and routine office functions, executive, purchasing, financing, legal, personnel (including cafeteria, medical, etc.), and professional (engineers, geologists, etc.) and technical work. Also included are employees on the payroll of the mining establishment engaged in the construction of major additions or alterations utilized as a separate work force. Workers engaged in regular maintenance and repair operations are not included here but are classified as production, development, and exploration workers. Employees of contractors are excluded from this item.