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2012 NAICS: 3231 - Printing and related support activities

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Guide to All Census Bureau Data Sources for This Industry

Source & Description   Frequency Latest Data Geography Industry
U.S. International Trade Statistics (imports and exports) (FTD)MonthlyJul 2014U.S.Selected 3- thru 6-digits
Plant Capacity Utilization (CAPACITY)Quarterly4Q 2013U.S.Selected Manufacturing 2- thru 6-digits
Quarterly Financial Report (QFR)Quarterly2Q 2014U.S.Selected 3 digits
Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI)Quarterly4Q 2013States, counties, metro areasSelected 2- thru 4-digits
American Community Survey (ACS)Annual2012U.S, states, counties, places, metros, tractsSelected 2- thru 6-digits
Annual Survey of Manufactures (ASM)Annual2011U.S., statesSelected Manufacturing 2- thru 6-digits
County Business Patterns (CBP)Annual2012U.S., states, counties, metros, ZIP Codes, and island areasSelected 2- thru 6-digits
Nonemployer Statistics (NES)Annual2012U.S., states, metro areas, countiesSelected 2- thru 6-digits
Statistics of U.S. Businesses (SUSB)Annual2011U.S., states, metro areas, countiesSelected 2- thru 6-digits
Economic Census (ECN)Every 5 years2012U.S., states, counties, places, metros, ZIP Codes2- thru 6-digits
Economic Census of Island Areas (IA)Every 5 years2012American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands2-thru 5 digits
Survey of Business Owners (SBO)Every 5 years2007U.S., states, counties, cities, metro areasSelected 2- thru 6-digits

Links to Economic Data for Programs Published on AFF

Program Series Table Title Data Years Available
Annual Survey of ManufacturesGeneral Statistics Statistics for Industry Groups and Industries 2008
Geographic Area Statistics Statistics for All Manufacturing by State 2008
Economic Census Comparative Statistics, 2007 and 2002 Comparative Statistics for the U.S. and States (2002 NAICS Basis) 2007
Geographic Area Series Economy-Wide Key Statistics for Employers and Nonemployers 2007 2002
Industry Statistics for States, MSAs, Counties, Places 2007 2002
Subject Series: Concentration Ratios Share of Value of Shipmts by the 4, 8, 20, & 50 Largest Companies 2007 2002
Share of Value Added by the 4, 8, 20, & 50 Largest Companies 2007 2002
Summary Series: General Summary Industry Statistics for the U.S. 2007 2002
Economic Census of Island Areas Industry series General Statistics by Industry 2007
Value of Shipments by Industry 2007
Cost of Materials by Industry 2007
Number of Production Workers and Hours Worked by Industry 2007
Inventories by Stage of Fabrication by Industry 2007
Capital Expenditures and Rental Payments for Plant and Equipment by Industry 2007
Nonemployer Statistics Nonemployer Statistics Geographic Area Series: Nonemployer Statistics by Legal Form of Organization: 2012 2012 2007
Geographic Area Series: Nonemployer Statistics for the US, States, Metropolitan Areas, and Counties: 2012 2012 2007
Geographic Area Series: Nonemployer Statistics by Receipt Size Class: 2012 2012
Survey of Business Owners Survey of Business Owners Firms by Industry, Gender, Ethnicity, Race for the U.S., States 2007

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This industry group comprises establishments primarily engaged in printing on apparel, textile products, paper, metal, glass, plastics, and other materials, except grey goods. All printing processes are included here. The materials that are printed upon are not produced by this industry group and they may perform many postprinting activities such as folding, cutting, laminating, or mailing. Support activities are also performed here, such as prepress platemaking, typesetting and postpress services such as book binding.


This 2012 NAICS code is comparable to the 2007, 2002 and 1997 NAICS codes.