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Industrial Products by Numeric Index

Note: Data are now published on the new North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) basis and therefore are not always comparable to the old Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code. For further information on NAICS, see www.census.gov/epcd/www/naics.html

MQ311A (MQ20A), Flour Milling
o MA311D (MA20D), Confectionery
o M311J (M2OJ), Fats and Oils: Oilseed Crushings
o M311K (M20K), Fats and Oils: Production, Consumption, and Stocks
o MQ313D (MQ22D), Consumption on the Woolen System
o MA313F (MA22F), Yarn Production
o MA313K (MA22K), Knit Fabric Production
o M313P (M22P), Consumption on the Cotton System
o MA314Q (MA22Q), Carpets and Rugs
o MQ313T (MQ22T), Broadwoven Fabrics
o MC313T (MC22T), Broadwoven Fabrics (every 5 years)
o MQ315A (MQ23A), Apparel
o MA315D (MA23D), Gloves and Mittens
o MQ314X (MQ23X), Bed and Bath Furnishings
o MA321T (MA24T), Lumber Production and Mill Stocks
o MA325A (MA28A), Inorganic Chemicals (Annual)
o M325AT (M28AT), Titanium Dioxide (Monthly)
o MQ325A (MQ28A), Inorganic Chemicals (Quarterly)
o MA325B (MA28B), Fertilizer Materials (Annual)
o MQ325B (MQ28B), Fertilizer Materials (Quarterly)
o MA325C (MA28C), Industrial Gases (Annual)
o MQ325C (MQ28C), Industrial Gases (Quarterly)
o MA325F (MA28F), Paint and Allied Products
o MQ325F (MQ28F), Paint, Varnish, and Lacquer
o MA325G (MA28G), Pharmaceutical Preparations
o MA316A (MA31A), Footwear (Annual)
o MQ316A (MQ31A), Footwear (Quarterly)
o MA327A (MA32A), Flat Glass
o MA327C (MA32C), Refractories
o MQ327D (MQ32D), Clay Construction Products
o MA327E (MA32E), Glassware
o M327G (M32G), Glass Containers
o MA331A (MA33A), Iron and Steel Castings
o MA331B (MA33B), Steel Mill Products
o M331D (M33D), Aluminum Ingot and Mill Products
o MA331E (MA33E), Nonferrous Castings
o M331J (M33J), Inventories of Steel Producing Mills
o MA335J (MA33L), Insulated Wire and Cable
o MQ332E (MQ34E), Plumbing Fixtures
o MA332K (MA34K), Steel Shipping Drums and Pails
o MA333A (MA35A), Farm Machinery and Garden Equipment
o MA333D (MA35D), Construction Machinery
o MA333F (MA35F), Mining Machinery
o MA333J (MA35J), Industrial Air Pollution Control Equipment
o MA333L (MA35L), Internal Combustion Engines
o MA333M (MA35M), Refrigeration and Heating Equipment
o MA333N (MA35N), Fluid Power Products
o MA333P (MA35P), Pumps and Compressors
o MA332Q (MA35Q), Antifriction Bearings
o MA334R (MA35R), Computers and Office
o MA35U, Vending Machines (discontinued as of 1996 issue)
o MQ333W (MQ35W), Metalworking Machinery
o MA335A (MA36A), Switchgear and Industrial Controls
o MQ335C (MQ36C), Fluorescent Lamp Ballasts
o MA335E (MA36E), Electric Housewares and Fans
o MA335F (MA36F), Major Household Appliances
o MA335H (MA36H), Motors and Generators
o MA335K (MA36K), Wiring Devices and Supplies
o MA335L (MA36L), Electric Lighting Fixtures
o MA334M (MA36M), Consumer Electronics
o MA334P (MA36P), Communication and Other Electronic Equipment
o MA334Q (MA36Q), Semiconductors and Electronic Components
o M336G (M37G and MA37D, combined), Civil Aircraft and Aircraft Engines
M336L (M37L), Truck Trailers
o MA334B (MA38B), Measurement Instruments and Related Products
o MA334S (MA38R), Electromedical and Irradiation Equipment

Last Revised: February 17 2000
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