NAICS Sector: 00 - All Nonemployer Sectors

The Nonemployer Total for In-Scope Industries Sector serves a unique purpose to show aggregate totals for all the sectors. It includes the totals for each of the following NAICS sectors at the Nonemployer level:

11) Forestry, Fishing, Hunting, & Agricultural Support Services 21) Mining 22) Utilities 23) Construction 31-33) Manufacturing 42) Wholesale Trade 44-45) Retail Trade 48-49) Transportation and Warehousing 51) Information 52) Finance and Insurance 53) Real Estate and Rental and Leasing 54) Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services 56) Administrative & Support and Waste Management & Remediation Services 61) Educational Services 62) Health Care and Social Assistance 71) Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation 72) Accommodation and Food Services 81) Other Services