NAICS 311225: Fats and Oils Refining and Blending

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in one or more of the following: (1) manufacturing shortening and margarine from purchased fats and oils; (2) refining and/or blending vegetable, oilseed, and tree nut oils from purchased oils; and (3) blending purchased animal fats with purchased vegetable fats.

The data published with NAICS code 311225 include the following SIC industries:

2074 Cottonseed oil mills (pt)
2075 Soybean oil mills (pt)
2076 Vegetable oil mills, n.e.c. (pt)
2077 Animal and marine fats and oil (pt)
2079 Shortening and cooking oils

This definition comes from the 1997 NAICS manual. However, for this industry, the 1997 Economic Census Manufacturing did not fully implement the conversion to NAICS. Data for NAICS industry 311225 do not include establishments primarily engaged in refining and/or blending corn oil from purchased oil. The data include establishments primarily engaged in the manufacture of vegetable oil foots. The NAICS definitions will be fully implemented with the 2002 Economic Census.

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