1997 Economic Census:
Health Care and Social Assistance
Jones County, GA

These data are from the 1997 and 2002 Economic Censuses.
For more recent data, see the current Industry Statistics Sampler.
Health Care and Social Assistance by Industry
Introductory text includes scope and methodology. Table includes only establishments with payroll. Nonemployers are shown separately. For descriptions of column headings and rows (industries), click on the appropriate underlined element in the table.
Description Estab-
62 Health care & social assistance Taxable 16 14,776 6,660 335
621 Ambulatory health care services Taxable 9 D D (100-249)
6211 Offices of physicians Taxable 2 D D (20-99)
6213 Offices of other health practitioners Taxable 2 D D (20-99)
62134 Offices of physical, occup, & speech therapists & audiologists Taxable 1 D D (20-99)
6213402 Physical & occupational therapists Taxable 1 D D (20-99)
623 Nursing & residential care facilities Taxable 3 D D (100-249)
D = Withheld to avoid disclosure; N = Not available

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Source: 1997 Economic Census

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