1997 Economic Census:
Comparative Statistics for Washington
1987 SIC Basis: Mineral Industries




Mineral Industries by Industry (4-digit SIC)
Includes only establishments with payroll. Data are in current dollars and have not been adjusted for inflation. Detail may not add to total because of rounding. Introductory text includes scope and methodology.
For descriptions of column headings and rows (industries), click on the appropriate underlined element in the table. "% chg" columns show percent change between 1992 and 1997. An alternate display has 1992 columns.

SIC 1987 SIC Description Establishments Value of Shipments
Paid employees Annual payroll
1997 % chg 1997 % chg 1997 % chg 1997 % chg
  Mining 157 N 488,771 16.3 2,901 N 114,604 N
10 Metal mining 19 N D N (250-499) N D N
12 Coal mining 2 N D N (500-999) N D N
13 Oil and gas extraction 20 N D N (20-99) N D N
14 Nonmetallic minerals, except fuels 116 N 278,132 57.7 1,822 N 64,599 N
N=Comparable data not available D=Withheld to avoid disclosure

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Source: 1997 Economic Census, Comparative Statistics

Last modified: 10/05/2000