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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have developed an extensive database of FAQs on the 2002 Economic Census. To help you quickly find the information you are looking for, they are divided into the following categories:

Blue ball  2002 Economic Census FAQs

These FAQs include issues that affect the 2002 Economic Census. They do not address any form specific questions you may have.

Electronic Reporting
Legal Requirements
Reporting Problem/Non-Data Related
Internet Specific

Blue ball  Form Specific FAQs

View FAQs for each form used in the 2002 Economic Census. You can navigate to form specific FAQs by two methods: browse by following the industry categories listed below; or jump directly to the form using the form search engine.

Browse to FAQs

  • AE
  • - Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
  • AF
  • - Accomodation & Food Services
  • AS
  • - Admin/Support Waste Management/Remediation Services
  • CC
  • - Construction
  • ED
  • - Education
  • FI
  • - Finance and Insurance
  • HC
  • - Health Care and Social Services
  • IN
  • - Information
  • MA
  • - Annual Survey of Manufacturing
  • MC
  • - Manufacturing
  • MI
  • - Mining
  • MN
  • - Management of Company & Enterprises
  • NC
  • - Report of Organization
  • OS
  • - Other Services (except Public Administration)
  • PS
  • - Professional, Scientific & Technical Services
  • RE
  • - Real Estate & Rental & Leasing
  • RT
  • - Retail Trade
  • TW
  • - Transportation and Warehousing
  • UT
  • - Utilities
  • WH
  • - Wholesale Trade

Form Search Engine

Please enter the form number in the box below and hit the "Go!" button. You can find the form number in the upper right corner of your form. It will consist of two letters, a dash, and then some numbers. For example: 'AE-71102' is a valid example of a form number.

If your browser does not support JavaScript, or if the navigation engine is not working for you, you may also navigate to the form-specific FAQs by using the Industry links above.

Blue ball  Glossary of Terms

This glossary of terms is a comprehensive listing of acronyms and terms used in the 2002 Economic Census.
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