1997 Nonemployer Statistics
Finance and Insurance

Includes only firms subject to federal income tax. Nonemployers are businesses with no paid employees. Introductory text includes scope and methodology. More detail is available for employers. For descriptions of column headings and rows (industries), click on the appropriate underlined element in the table.
Description All taxable firms Nonemployers Employers
52 Finance & insurance 1,660 N 994 56,913 666 N
522 Credit intermediation & related activities 560 864,366 274 10,305 286 854,061
5221 Depository credit intermediation N N D D 207 780,828
5222 Nondepository credit intermediation N N D D 65 D
5223 Activities related to credit intermediation N N D D 14 D
523 Securities intermediation & related activities 446 N 357 32,336 89 D
5231 Securities & commodity contracts intermediation & brokerage N N D D 36 D
52311 Investment banking & securities dealing N N D D N N
52312 Securities brokerage N N D D 33 53,991
52314 Commodity contracts brokerage N N D D N N
5232 Securities & commodity exchanges N N D D N N
5239 Other financial investment activities N N D D 53 D
524 Insurance carriers & related activities 651 N 363 14,272 288 N
5241 Insurance carriers N N D D 62 N
5242 Agencies, brokerages, & other insurance related activities N N D D 226 121,979
52421 Insurance agencies & brokerages 478 N 281 12,015 197 D
52429 Other insurance related activities N N D D 29 D
D Withheld to avoid disclosure;   N Not available; S Withheld because data do not meet publication standards;   W Wholesale receipts for nonemployers are not comparable to wholesale sales for employers;   X Industry not in scope of Economic Census for employers;   t Total does not include employer data for out-of-scope industries;   r revised subsequent to initial publication

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Source: 1997 Economic Census:   Nonemployer Statistics and Geographic Area Series (for employers)

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