1997 Nonemployer Statistics
Health Care and Social Assistance

Juneau Borough, AK
Includes only firms subject to federal income tax. Nonemployers are businesses with no paid employees. Introductory text includes scope and methodology. More detail is available for employers. For descriptions of column headings and rows (industries), click on the appropriate underlined element in the table.
Description All taxable firms Nonemployers Employers
62 Health care & social assistance 346 45,161 265 5,076 81 40,085
621 Ambulatory health care services 181 41,389 112 3,372 69 38,017
6211 Offices of physicians 48 18,591 25 1,123 23 17,468
621111 Offices of physicians (except mental health specialists) N N D D 23 17,468
621112 Offices of physicians, mental health specialists N N D D N N
6212 Offices of dentists N N D D 18 9,865
6213 Offices of other health practitioners 75 8,492 52 1,526 23 6,966
62132 Offices of optometrists N N D D 4 2,143
62133 Offices of mental health practitioners (except physicians) N N 25 536 N N
62134 Offices of physical, occup, & speech therapists & audiologists N N D D N N
62139 Offices of all other health practitioners N N 20 750 N N
621399 Offices of all other miscellaneous health practitioners N N 20 750 N N
6215 Medical & diagnostic laboratories N N D D N N
6216 Home health care services N N D D N N
6219 Other ambulatory health care services N N 25 471 N N
623 Nursing & residential care facilities N N D D N N
624 Social assistance N N D D 11 D
6241 Individual & family services N N D D N N
6243 Vocational rehabilitation services N N D D N N
6244 Child day care services N N 140 1,442 N N
D Withheld to avoid disclosure;   N Not available; S Withheld because data do not meet publication standards;   W Wholesale receipts for nonemployers are not comparable to wholesale sales for employers;   X Industry not in scope of Economic Census for employers;   t Total does not include employer data for out-of-scope industries;   r revised subsequent to initial publication

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Source: 1997 Economic Census:   Nonemployer Statistics and Geographic Area Series (for employers)

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