1997 Nonemployer Statistics

Athens, GA MSA
Includes only firms subject to federal income tax. Nonemployers are businesses with no paid employees. Introductory text includes scope and methodology. More detail is available for employers. For descriptions of column headings and rows (industries), click on the appropriate underlined element in the table.
Description All taxable firms Nonemployers Employers
Dollar value of
business done
23 Construction N N 1,251 68,656 N N
233 Building, developing, & general contracting N N 264 32,394 N N
2331 Land subdivision & land development N N 37 4,943 N N
2332 Residential building construction N N 202 25,947 N N
2333 Nonresidential building construction N N 25 1,504 N N
234 Heavy construction N N 35 1,259 N N
2341 Highway, street, bridge, & tunnel construction N N D D N N
2349 Other heavy construction N N D D N N
235 Special trade contractors N N 952 35,003 N N
2351 Plumbing, heating, & air-conditioning contractors N N 65 3,104 N N
2352 Painting & wall covering contractors N N 145 3,822 N N
2353 Electrical contractors N N 83 2,609 N N
2354 Masonry, drywall, insulation, & tile contractors N N 96 3,721 N N
2355 Carpentry & floor contractors N N 269 8,274 N N
2356 Roofing, siding, & sheet metal contractors N N 42 1,639 N N
2357 Concrete contractors N N 16 228 N N
2359 Other special trade contractors N N 236 11,606 N N
D Withheld to avoid disclosure;   N Not available; S Withheld because data do not meet publication standards;   W Wholesale receipts for nonemployers are not comparable to wholesale sales for employers;   X Industry not in scope of Economic Census for employers;   t Total does not include employer data for out-of-scope industries;   r revised subsequent to initial publication

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Source: 1997 Economic Census:   Nonemployer Statistics and Geographic Area Series (for employers)

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