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Wholesale Trade
District of Columbia

Includes only firms subject to federal income tax. Nonemployers are businesses with no paid employees. Introductory text includes scope and methodology. For descriptions of column headings and rows (industries), click on the appropriate underlined element in the table.
Description Nonemployers
42 Wholesale trade 256 13,274
421 Wholesale trade, durable goods 122 7,279
4211 Motor vehicle and motor vehicle parts and supplies wholesalers D D
4212 Furniture and home furnishings wholesalers 14 969
4213 Lumber and other construction materials wholesalers D D
4214 Professional and commercial equipment and supplies wholesalers D D
4216 Electrical goods wholesalers D D
4217 Hardware, and plumbing and heating equipment and supplies wholesalers D D
4218 Machinery, equipment, and supplies wholesalers 12 1,000
4219 Miscellaneous durable goods wholesalers 72 4,309
42191 Sporting and recreational goods and supplies wholesalers D D
42192 Toy and hobby goods and supplies wholesalers D D
42193 Recyclable material wholesalers D D
42194 Jewelry, watch, precious stone, and precious metal wholesalers D D
42199 Other miscellaneous durable goods wholesalers 52 3,501
422 Wholesale trade, nondurable goods 134 5,995
4221 Paper and paper product wholesalers D D
4222 Drugs and druggists' sundries wholesalers D D
42221 Drugs and druggists' sundries wholesalers D D
4223 Apparel, piece goods, and notions wholesalers 25 708
4224 Grocery and related product wholesalers 10 1,319
4225 Farm product raw material wholesalers D D
4226 Chemical and allied products wholesalers D D
4227 Petroleum and petroleum products wholesalers D D
4228 Beer, wine, and distilled alcoholic beverage wholesalers D D
4229 Miscellaneous nondurable goods wholesalers 73 2,844
42292 Book, periodical and newspaper wholesalers 18 502
42293 Flowers, nursery stock, and florists' supplies wholesalers D D
42294 Tobacco and tobacco product wholesalers D D
42299 Other miscellaneous nondurable goods wholesalers 46 1,731
D Withheld to avoid disclosure; S Withheld because data do not meet publication standards;
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Source: Nonemployer Statistics

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