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Data based on the 2003 Nonemployer Statistics. Includes only firms subject to federal income tax. Introductory text includes scope and methodology, non-sampling error, and confidentiality protection. For descriptions of column headings and rows (industries), click on the appropriate underlined element in the table.
Description Nonemployers
52 Finance and insurance 13,566 757,417
522 Credit intermediation and related activities D D
5221 Depository credit intermediation D D
5222 Nondepository credit intermediation 508 41,073
5223 Activities related to credit intermediation 662 25,019
523 Securities, commodity contracts, other financial investments, and related activities 4,948 354,136
5231 Securities and commodity contracts intermediation and brokerage 778 74,825
52311 Investment banking and securities dealing 151 19,486
52312 Securities brokerage 526 47,210
52313 Commodity contracts dealing 24 3,959
52314 Commodity contracts brokerage 77 4,170
5232 Securities and commodity exchanges 26 894
52321 Securities and commodity exchanges 26 894
5239 Other financial investment activities 4,144 278,417
524 Insurance carriers and related activities D D
5241 Insurance carriers D D
5242 Agencies, brokerages, and other insurance related activities 7,240 328,322
52421 Insurance agencies and brokerages 5,337 259,025
52429 Other insurance related activities 1,903 69,297
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The data in this table are based on the 2003 Nonemployer Statistics. These data are subject to nonsampling error due to nonresponse, coverage problems, misreporting, and processing error. Data users who create their own estimates using data from this report should cite the Census Bureau as the source of the original data only.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, EPCD, Nonemployer Statistics