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Statistics of U.S. Businesses: 2001:
Industry not classified
North Dakota
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North Dakota - Industry not classified by Employment Size of Enterprise
Introductory text includes scope and methodology. Table includes only establishments with payroll. For descriptions of column headings and rows (industries), click on the appropriate underlined element in the table.
Employment size of enterprise Firms Estab-
All firms 219 219 (100-249) D
Firms with no employees (as of March 12) 126 126 0 1,016
Firms with 1 to 4 employees 82 82 (100-249) D
Firms with 5 to 9 employees 9 9 58 513
Firms with 10 to 19 employees 2 2 (20-99) D
D = Withheld to avoid disclosure

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Source: Statistics of U.S. Businesses

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