1992 Economic Census Results

1992 Economic Census data were classified based on the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system rather than the new North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) used in most tabulations for 1997.

Comparative Statistics, 1997 and 1992, classified on an SIC basis for both years, is the only source fully comparable across that time period. Comparative Statistics is published for the U.S. and states. Comparable 1997 and 1992 data are not available for counties, cities, metropolitan areas or ZIP Codes.

Bridge Between NAICS and SIC, 1997, identifies those individual industries in SIC that can be reconstructed from NAICS classifications as of 1997. Nearly half of all industries are sufficiently comparable that time series can be constructed from 1987, and before, through 1997 and beyond.

See also the discussion of historical data from the economic census, including comparability issues.

Data from the 1992 Economic Census were published in four ways:

  • Printed reports are no longer available for sale, but are available for reference at major public libraries.
  • 1992 Economic Census CD-ROM 1J includes data from all 1992 Economic Census reports (except Miscellaneous Subjects reports). CD-ROM 2B features 1992 ZIP Code Statistics and selected state, county and place data for 1987 and 1982. The dbf files from these CDs are available for download.
  • 1992 state and county profiles include selected statistics on-line.
  • PDFs are available for all reports through the list below.

1992 - 1997
SIC Division 1992
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Minerals Industries
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Construction Industries
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Transportation, Communications, and Utilities
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Wholesale Trade
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Retail Trade
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Financial, Insurance, and Real Estate Industries
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Service Industries
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Enterprise (Company) Statistics# Summary

# This is an economy-wide, company based program.

Source: 1992 Economic Census
U.S. Census Bureau . revised: 4/26/2011